Can Dementors be killed by physical damage?

Would a Boggart basilisk kill someone? [Duplicate]

I would definitely say NO, it wouldn't be fatal.

I agree with previous responses based on facts from the wiki. According to Lupine, the wrong form of a dementor isn't deadly dangerous like the real dementor. As previously said by Rps, the moon that formed in front of Lupine did not change the gravity of the classroom, and the banshees scream was not harmful, which means that while Boggarts can take the form of the viewer's greatest fears, them but actually don't become them. Whether this is physically true or not I don't know for sure, but the appearance of the Boggart basilisk would neither kill nor petrify, or the Banshees scream would (as already mentioned) at least have caused a nosebleed. Whether this applies to all Boggarts or just to the lecture is up to you.

But then comes the interesting question of whether the basilisk could kill with its fangs, poison or without poison. Can a fool affect you physically? For example, can the basilisk bite you and leave a fatal wound? Can the spider crawl on you? Would Snape hit you or cast a spell?

If so, there is no logic in how the moon could take shape, as it would physically affect the athosphere if the Boggarts magic wasn't too weak to make it larger than the size shown in the movies. Which would explain this theory.

But if not, if the crap is more of an image, a shadow, or a hologram that can't be touched, but it's there, then there's no reason for Lupine to jump in front of Harry if Voldemort takes shape. The argument that he is concerned about the mental health of the students is invalid as he forces them to face their greatest fears (if of course it's not for Harry's sake, he is more partial to Harry).

If the Boggarts magic was too weak to harm like a true dementor, to change the atmosphere in the classroom, like a moon appearing out of nowhere, or turn Lupine into a werewolf then and there, I see no reason for Lupine, afraid of the bog in the form of Voldemort. Logic would say it would be too magical for his Voldemort form to cast deadly spells. Since the banshee couldn't do any harm with her voice, the idiot's magic would be too weak, as her basilisk shape would harm the viewer with his eyes.

Personally, I believe that the fool is more of a shadowy figure and can only cause emotional and mental damage. Because it is mostly influenced by emotions.