What is the salary of the army officers

Salary of the deployed army officers

The pay of the US Army depends on the rank of an officer, the number of years of service, and the type of task assigned. The army officers are between O-1 and O-10, with O-1 representing a lieutenant and O-10 representing a four-star general. Anyone with a "special" officer rank is a five-star general in the army, a rank that is only used in wartime in special situations.

Basic and stake payment

When a officer is in active service, he receives the basic salary according to rank and year of service. For example, in 2011, an officer who has worked at the O-1 level for less than two years will receive a base monthly salary of $ 2,748. On the flip side, an O-10 level general with more than 40 years of military experience receives base pay of $ 18,936.90 per month. If the army places an officer in a combat zone regardless of rank, the individual receives an "imminent danger / enemy wage" of $ 225 per month in addition to the basic pay. Depending on the combat zone, an officer's earnings during their service time may not count as taxable income. The areas of combat in 2011 include countries such as Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen.

Pay hardship

An army officer can receive a hardship case when deployed in certain locations around the world. The Department of Defense states that emergency charges are based on deployment and site allocation rates, or a combination of the two. If an officer is deployed to a specific region to complete a mission, they will receive an additional $ 150 per month regardless of rank. If the army simply dispatches an officer in an emergency, it can pay up to $ 150 per month depending on the location. In the event that an assignment encompasses both situations, an officer can receive an additional monthly wage of up to $ 1,500. According to the DOD, hardship areas in 2011 include Korea, Mali, Peru, Chad, some parts of Alaska and the Antarctic region below 60 degrees south latitude.

Savings program

When deployed in a combat zone, an army officer is eligible for the savings program. This program allows an officer to deposit up to $ 10,000 into a savings account that one provides guaranteed annual interest rate of 10 percent.

Special bonuses and allowances

Officers can receive rewards for performing certain duties when deployed. These tasks include skydiving, diving, flying a plane, demolition work, or working at sea. The bonus paid depends on the officer's rank and years of service. Seconded officers of each rank will also receive a family separation allowance of $ 250 per month if the officer is separated from their family for at least 30 consecutive days.

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