What was the best excuse you made

Forgot homework? Our 10 best excuses

Forgot homework? Time for a good excuse!

Completely sweaty or put off again and again until the very end: Everyone is there with no homework. A good excuse is needed so that there is no long lecture, a negative entry or angry snort from your teacher. We have prepared something: our 10 best and favorite excuses. Pick the one you like right now - and remember the other 9 "for later". You never know ...

  1. "I did the homework. Really. Unfortunately on the last page in my old booklet. This morning I hurriedly packed the new booklet - after all, I definitely didn't want to be late. "
  2. "I'll tell you how it is: Cat vomit. My poor cat vomited all over my notebook once. But that's also a nasty thing with all those hairballs. Otherwise cats are so cute. Have you seen the video with the cat squeaking like a guinea pig while sleeping? I would be happy to show you ... "
  3. "I have the Homework typed on the PC / iPad. Saving paper, protecting the environment, you know. But then the technology left me completely in the lurch - everything just crashed and no backup copy. I've tried around forever, but it just doesn't work anymore. Afterwards I have to go to the store and see what's going on. "
  4. "We had one milestone birthday in the family. I wanted to leave in time, but my grandma was so sad and kept saying: "It's my birthday, stay a while. We see each other so rarely." I just had to stay longer. "Alternatively, you can tell something about your (absolutely existing!) Volunteer work. Anyone who is committed to a good cause quickly loses track of time.
  5. "I have researched so extensivelythat I totally forgot the time. But the topic was also exciting! For example, I didn't even know that ... "- and here you bring up three fascinating, bizarre and / or surprising facts that you quickly googled in the morning.
  6. "I actually wanted to just a little power napping do. I've read that this is supposed to be really great for learning and memory. But then I fell asleep so soundly that I didn't wake up until the middle of the night. "
  7. "I urgently needed ours Dog to the vet. After all, the dog is man's best friend. And I couldn't just let my best buddy down! "
  8. "The Bus didn't come And it took me forever to get home But the way is really unbelievably long on foot - the blisters that I got on the way are sure to hurt for a long time! "
  9. "I have mine little brother helped with his homework. The poor man had no idea and was totally frustrated and desperate. I just couldn't see that. So I preferred to accept a warning and help my little brother. Surely you understand that, don't you? "
  10. "A) to d)? Oh no, I understood "A) to c)". "(Or wherever you could quickly copy it down before the lesson.)" I really need to go to the ear specialist. So far I've always shirked myself because, to be honest, I'm pretty scared that I'm really hard of hearing. But now I'll definitely have it checked! "..." Hm? What did you say? "