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only the most necessary


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slimmed downannotation
Example: There are slimmed down versions of many computer programs for the smaller budget. (fig.) ... light (postponed)annotation
derived from 'light' products with a reduced proportion of harmful substances. Example: "Hamburg's Greens are planning a 'marriage light'" (welt.de 26.09.2011) | "Unfortunately, there won't be spring weather with 15 degrees and more in Augsburg yet. That will be more of a 'spring light'" (augsburger-allgemeine.de May 2, 2016) (engl., Fig.) · Not full · only the most necessary annotation
also: only the (necessary) minimum, only the absolutely necessary ...; Example: In this training course for trainers, only the bare essentials were conveyed that a trainer needs to know in order to ensure adequate support in the first few months. (variable) reduced narrow gauge ...annotation
E.g .: narrow-gauge training, narrow-gauge studies, narrow-gauge journalism, narrow-gauge lawyer (fig., Derogatory) no real ... (no real ... / no real ...)annotation
Example: As an honorary lecturer at the adult education center, you are not a real teacher, I think. (coll.) · not the full rangeannotation
Example: The Office version for students does not offer the full range, and an e-mail client in particular is sorely lacking. | Here you can get a car wash at a bargain price - not the full program, of course, but only the light version. (coll.)

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