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Anyone who has been following this blog for a while knows that I have a special place in my heart for Chinese cuisine. And after my previous favorite Chinese in Leipzig has unfortunately not existed for a year (adieu, dear spark!), You have to open up new hunting grounds. So I tested a relatively new Chinese restaurant, which is located on the border between Schleußig and Plagwitz, right on the canal.

The location of the Koufu couldn't be better - the patio offers a direct view of the water (although there is also a moderately used bicycle route through the area). The interior of the restaurant appears a bit inconveniently divided. The open kitchen takes up a large part, there is not much space left for additional tables. However, the room has the well-known West Leipzig industrial charm of renovated buildings.

Overall, the west of Leipzig is known for its rich international cuisine. The Koufu is a good addition, because there are not many authentic Chinese restaurants in Leipzig, although more and more I have the feeling that some of the traditional Chinese dishes (dumplings!) Are enjoying increasing popularity in this country.

Jiaozi (dumplings with different fillings)

And with that, the secret of the figurehead in Koufu has already been revealed: The first page of the menu only contains different types of dumplings (Jiaozi). In addition to the classic filling (pork and cabbage) there are a few other versions, including a vegan one. We choose a mixture of all meat dumplings (in addition to cabbage there are also fennel, beans or carrots as ingredients) and we are thrilled: The dumplings not only look pretty (the types can also be distinguished from the outside due to the different dough colors), but are also clearly homemade and very tasty. The differences in taste between the varieties are very easy to see. The dip is a mixture of rice vinegar and chili oil. Having your own choice might have been nice, but the dip also worked out very well. With such a good overall package, it's no wonder that the dumplings end up on almost every table that is occupied that evening.

Glass noodle salad with carrots, cucumber and peanut sauce

We also try the glass noodle salad with peanut sauce and - how could it be otherwise - Mapo Tofu (soft tofu and meat in a hot sauce with a portion of rice), the classic of Szechuan cuisine. The glass noodle salad is very nicely arranged, the peanut sauce not too intrusive, but in good proportion to the rest of the ingredients. On a warm day like our visit, the salad is a good choice as a cold dish. Only the price-performance ratio is probably the worst of the dishes we tested (even if it is tasty: € 6.20 seems a bit high given the relatively cheap ingredients and small portion size).

Mapo tofu

And the Mapo Tofu ... I don't even know where to start raving about ;-). Maybe with the meat: I usually know Mapo Tofu with minced meat. Instead, the Koufu has beef in thin strips. Not only does it look better, it gives the dish a special touch. The tofu is soft, but does not disintegrate and offers just the right neutrality that you need with the sauce. And that's the highlight of the dish: spicy with a real explosion of spices of Szechuan pepper, fermented beans, chillies, ginger ... That's the great (and at the same time difficult) thing about Mapo Tofu: It is (sometimes stunning) spicy, but it does so much Taste with that spiciness is only one component and not the only characteristic. (Still, if you have problems with Asian spiciness, you should choose a different dish.)

In terms of taste, I really liked the three dishes. In view of the prices in the medium to higher range, the portions could have been a bit larger, even if the Chinese food culture (all dishes come in the middle and you can eat from everything) into account. But there are also other pluses: The menu contains a variety of vegan dishes, so that you can try many different things even with a purely vegan selection. By the way, Mapo Tofu is also available in a vegan version. Various desserts (Asian and international) are also offered.

The Chinese restaurant Koufu offers authentic cuisine of high quality. The location of the restaurant, the selection and the taste of the dishes are particularly convincing. This makes the Koufu the perfect choice for a relaxed evening with new culinary experiences.


SurnameChinese restaurant Koufu
addressIndustriestraße 37, 04229 Leipzig
Main course price range6,20€ – 18,80€
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