Have close relationships with roommates of different sexes


Our offer is aimed at

... girls and young women between 15 and 21 years of age,

  • who were or are on the go,
  • who have difficulties coping with their everyday life and want to redesign it,
  • who have experienced domestic violence, sexual abuse and mental neglect,
  • who are impaired in their social and emotional behavior,
  • have sought refuge in a crisis facility and are seeking longer-term accommodation,
  • who would like to live together in a large shared apartment with many girls with different biographies.

We set ourselves the goal:

  • To encourage and support the girls in their social skills, in their personal development and in their school and professional training, so that they can lead an independent life after completion of the care.
  • To open up girls to new life plans, especially taking into account traditional gender roles.
  • to put the often disturbed and stressed relationships with the family of origin together with all those involved on a changed basis at the time of admission. In this process, the girl has the chance of an age-appropriate separation from the family, which can then be made available as a resource after the end of the help.
  • to promote the development of tolerance, openness and respect through the coexistence of girls with different life realities and cultural origins.
  • To offer the girls a protected space in which they can relax and develop the strength for new things.

The range of services includes

  • Attendance times of the supervisors from Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • the close relationship work within the framework of reference care
  • the daily support in the concrete implementation of practical life tasks based on the will and the resources of the girls
  • working with school-distant girls in the context of school and professional learning
  • Biography work and family work to find new realistic possibilities for relationships, taking into account the resources in the system of origin
  • Crisis intervention outside of regular care hours, secured by the availability of a specialist by telephone (on-call cell phone)
  • the creation of a binding framework for living together and the use of traditional forms such as celebrations, trips and joint cultural projects that incorporate the girls' creative potential (e.g. film and radio)
  • Care from a leisure-time educational point of view always on Saturdays

Work with families

Cooperation with the parents is organized externally by the coordinator. This ensures that the parents / relatives as well as the daughter can turn to their contact persons with confidence and that no loyalty conflict arises. The aim is to establish a common culture of discussion. If necessary, clarification discussions take place analogous to the "family council" model in order to bundle resources and promote potential for self-help. This is particularly useful when many different people are involved in the case.

Supervision density

We offer both standard services with a care density of 12 hours, as well as intensive services with variable care densities of 15, 18 and 20 hours. The intensive services are offered at the interface of psychiatry and youth welfare, especially for girls with mental disorders or abnormalities. In principle, girls with intensive work are co-supervised by two colleagues. In addition to the support in assisted individual living, we also guarantee flexible pre- and post-care (ยง30,31 SGB VIII)

Our team

... is a multi-professional college of six social and diploma pedagogues as well as educators. All colleagues have a large background in experience and training.
Systemic and analytical thinking flows into our educational activities. Our action structures are resource-oriented and respond flexibly to the needs of the girls.

Living and equipment

The girls' housing project LOTTE is located in the middle of the heart of Prenzlauer Berg in a renovated side wing with eight flat shares, plus two smaller shared apartments. The rooms of the shared apartment extend over four floors. The ground floor of the house houses an office, a computer room with internet access and a large communal kitchen-cum-living room. The girls live in pairs on one floor. In addition to their own rooms, they have a bathroom, toilet and kitchen at their disposal.
In addition, there is the option of renting apartments as part of the process of becoming independent, which will be the responsibility of the girls when the childcare is terminated.
Our outdoor living spaces are available for girls who are independent enough to live alone when they are accommodated, but still need the structural and personal connection to a shared flat, as well as for girls from the shared flat, for whom moving to supervised individual living is a further step towards becoming independent means.
There is good accessibility by S- / U-Bahn and the tram.

We cooperate closely with

Youth welfare offices, KJPD, emergency services for girls and young people, schools and projects for school refusal, in-company and inter-company training centers, addiction counseling centers, doctors and therapists, offers in the residential area and the girls' leisure facility tivolotte