What is instant cashback

Focus on couponing and cashback: How consumers perceive coupons

Couponing and cashback are among the most powerful marketing tools in the FMCG space when the goal is immediate Increase in sales or is a successfully launched product launch. They specifically direct consumers' attention to a specific product or a range of products. But according to a consumer survey, coupons do a lot more - and the result is surprising.

  • 92% of buyers find coupons and cashback promotions as inspiration for their purchase
  • 71% of consumers have often become aware of a new product because it was advertised as part of a couponing campaign

Customers see coupons and far beyond the mere discounting Cashback promotions as a welcome impulse for your purchase, but also as a factor that makes you curious about new products. The appeal of trying something new and also receiving a discounted price is often what makes the decision here - interestingly, when planning your shopping at home or on the go. Many customers are currently happy to test out new products: In combination with a coupon or cashback campaign, they first become aware of the new product and will likely buy it without a coupon.

It's not just about the savings effect - many shoppers like to try things out, test flavors and fragrances and also use coupons to find a potential new favorite product. The discovery tour in the supermarket begins and ends with coupons.

With the acardo digital package, not only influence the customer's purchase decision, but also make a lasting impression on the emotional memory of your brand. We look forward to working with you to find an exciting solution for your product.

(* Source: Internal user survey among 1000 participants on couponplatz.de and Coupies, 02/2018.)