What is non-refundable ticket

Flight not taken - How to get your money back

Whenever a flight is not taken, the passengers of the airlines are still entitled to money. It does not matter why the flight was not taken. The only difference is whether the flight was not started due to personal hindrance or was canceled by the airline. Here we show you what reimbursements you are entitled to if you decided not to take a flight.

Do not take the flight - The reasons

If a flight is booked, the tickets and fees are paid and the flight is still not taken, there can be many reasons. The most common reasons for not wanting to take a flight are in personal circumstances such as illness, occupational hindrance or loss of the reason for the flight. But also political unrest, storms in the target area or official travel warnings can be reasons for not wanting to go on a trip. Regardless of the reasoning that is most likely to apply, you are entitled to reimbursements for your ticket for a flight that is not started.

What costs can be claimed in the event of a no-show on a flight?

The flight costs that the passenger has to pay are not only a result of the actual price of the flight ticket. In addition to the regular price of a ticket, there are also taxes and fees that are added to the ticket price and thus result in the final flight price to be paid.

Such taxes and fees include
- the excess baggage charges
- the aviation security fee
- VAT on domestic flights
and many other ancillary costs that drive up the price of the plane ticket significantly.

This goes so far that the taxes and fees can make up the largest part of the ticket price. In principle, all ticket costs that are not incurred if the flight is not taken can be reclaimed.

Do not take the flight and reclaim taxes and fees

If you do not want to take a flight for various subjective or objective reasons, you cannot get a full refund of the flight price, but you have the right to a refund of all taxes and fees that are not incurred if the flight is not taken. A repayment of these taxes and fees is not automatic, but must requested from the airline concerned become. No money without an application! And even if passengers are entitled to reclaim the taxes and fees for a flight that has not started, most airlines initially react with stoic composure. Sometimes an attempt is made to completely deduct such costs from the reimbursement, but this is neither legally correct nor binding. If you do not take a flight, you should in principle request the airline to reclaim all taxes and fees that were added to the simple ticket price in writing. It is best to send an e-mail, a letter, a fax and a completed online form to the airline at the same time. If there is no response after a few days, repeat your application.

Reclaim fees and taxes with Geld-für-Flug.de

It is even easier if you exercise your claims for repayment of taxes and fees with Geld-für-Flug.de. We provide you with the appropriate forms online and take care of the smooth processing of the claims to the airline. Fill out the relevant online form here, send the appropriate receipts for your trip and look forward to receiving a large part of the flight price refunded. Incidentally, one applies to claiming the right to a refund of taxes and fees for a flight that you did not take Limitation period of three full years. So don't hesitate to use Geld-für-Flug.de to check reimbursable costs for a flight that you have not taken in the past three years.

Money back also for other legal problems

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