How do people preserve wines and champagne

How do people preserve wines and champagne?

I looked deeply into Stack Exchange because I thought this question had been asked before! But it doesn't. That doesn't mean the answer isn't very easy to find.

First, not all wines should be aged. The vast majority of wines are meant to be consumed when you pick them up in the store. How can you tell which are which? Mostly by price (although this is not always the case). As the price increases, these wines have been made with aging in mind and are often inedible at a younger age. Red wines are said to age longer because the tannins (which give red wine its color) are an antioxidant. Some white wines like Riesling can age for decades. Champagnes can age for a long time, but because of their delicate nature and the cork and overall CO2 pressure, they are harder to age. I've had some nicely aged champagnes.

So keep it in the dark and as close to freezing as possible. Some say 55F is the best temperature, but the closer you get to freezing, the longer it will last. The problem is that for bottles with corks you should have a relatively high humidity level so the corks don't dry out.

The myth that wines with screw caps do not age was debunked by the Australian wine industry because they were mostly switched to screw caps and the wines age well, albeit differently than bottles with corks.

The aging of wine from Wikipedia pretty much tells you the whole story.