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anyway, anyway
expresses a contradiction when answering decision questions that contain a negation (Affirmation of the negative facts in the question)
emphasizes and intensifies, for example a fact, a question or a request
weakens and makes it more friendly, for example an instruction set that becomes a wish or a suggestion
Adversative conjunction, but emphasizes a contrast
Adversative conjunctive adverb, emphasizes a contrast, however
Concessive subjunction, in the phrase "if - (see above) nevertheless "(in the sense of)" although / although - nevertheless / nevertheless "(with a different word order)
expresses indignation, displeasure or amazement in exclamation sentences
expresses the speaker's hope of approval in question-and-answer sentences
expresses in interrogative sentences that the speaker asks about something familiar that he cannot think of at the moment
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      • but, still, anyway, of course !, oh yes !, finally, only, already, however, indeed, however