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Scale 1 to 1000

A scale of 1 to 1000 means that 1 millimeter (mm) on the plan corresponds to 1 meter (m) in reality. The size on the plan therefore corresponds to 1/1000 of the size in reality. A scale number of 1000 is too small for maps, but such a scale is often used for models or plans. For example, scales such as 1: 200, 1: 500 or 1: 1000 are very suitable for creating a building or property plan. Below you will find a scale calculator for easy conversion, as well as tables with frequently required lengths.

Explanation: Enter the length measured on the map / plan and the computer will automatically display the real distance calculated using the ruler. You can also specify the length in real life and get a display of how long it will be on the map / plan with the scale used.

The results of the calculations are always rounded to four decimal places. You can find out how you can perform scale calculations yourself in the following article: Scale - meaning and calculations

Note: The scale calculator is based on JavaScript and therefore does not work if the script execution is blocked by NoScript or similar browser extensions.

Scale table for converting frequently used lengths

In the following tables, the values ​​for many of the most frequently used lengths are precalculated. You can see the corresponding real distances at a glance for a scale of 1: 1000 for numerous common lengths. The table contents are rounded to a maximum of two decimal places and are automatically recalculated when the scale is changed.

Calculations for a scale of 1: 1000
Distance mapDistance reality
0.1 cm1 m
0.2 cm2 m
0.3 cm3 m
0.4 cm4 m
0.5 cm5 m
0.7 cm7 m
1 cm10 m
1.5 cm15 m
2 cm20 m
2.5 cm25 m
3 cm30 m
4 cm40 m
Distance mapDistance reality
5 cm50 m
6 cm60 m
7 cm70 m
8 cm80 m
9 cm90 m
10 centimeters100 m
12 cm120 m
14 cm140 m
15 cm150 m
16 cm160 m
18 cm180 m
20 cm200 m
Distance mapDistance reality
25 cm250 m
30 cm300 m
35 cm350 m
40 cm400 m
45 cm450 m
50 cm500 m
55 cm550 m
60 cm600 m
70 cm700 m
80 cm800 m
90 cm900 m
100 cm1 km

Further standards

Different scales are used in different areas of application. To easily convert lengths between map and reality, here is a list of common scales: