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Great Sketchnotes online course

Hello and welcome to the big Sketchnotes online course! I will help you with content visualize effectively and attractively.

No more fear of flipcharts, whiteboards or public sketches! In my online course I would like to show you how you too can create great sketch notes - be it for Flip charts, coaching, presentations, in class or just for your private notes.

I promise you: Sketchnotes are an asset to every situation in life excellent investment in your personal skills.

And the best thing is - you don't need any previous knowledge or drawing talent!

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What to expect in the course

Thank you very much for the perfectly structured, well thought out and well presented course!
It's so great to be able to look over your shoulder as you draw.


Sketchnotes will help you with this

Your advantages at a glance

  • No fear more before flipcharts, whiteboards and Co.
  • The pen becomes your (best) friend
  • No drawing talent or previous knowledge required!
  • Thoughts & Connections visualize quickly
  • Content appealing and convey vividly
  • Promote your creativity
  • Sketchnotes can be analog and digital use
  • Immediate, permanent access to all content, cheat sheets, exercises
  • You save you expensive, local workshops for 600 €, 800 € or even 1000 €

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Effective course modules accompany you

The course consists of modules that didactically build on one another. Each module contains several lessons with videos, exercises, and additional material. With each lesson you discover and master new tasks and skills.

The complete workshop package

  • Step by step and Line by line Learn visual language
  • 8 modules with a total of 34 lessons and videos
  • Insider tips for future sketchnoters
  • Bonus # 1: Exclusive PDF Sketchnote Cheat Sheet to print out immediately. At the end you will have a real booklet with over 30 pages of valuable memories of the contents of the workshop.
  • Bonus # 2: Exclusive practice exercises practice what you have just learned for each lesson. Very effective!
  • Bonus # 3: Access to all future content of the workshop.

The course offers everything for a good and successful start in this topic.
The scope is exactly right and didactically wonderfully prepared.


Participate instead of (just) watch

You do not need any prior knowledge for the online workshop. And you don't have to be able to draw either. We'll go through the basics of imagery step by step and I'll show you how to use it to create great sketch notes.

The great thing is: In my workshop you will be actively involved and paint with me right from the start. Because all the theory won't help you if you don't try it out yourself.

In the course of the workshop you will learn how to use the pen, I will show you many different picture vocabulary and you will see how easily you can use these skills to visualize content and relationships.

At the end of the workshop you can create sketch notes with the pictures you have learned and use them to create your To pimp your notepad or your presentations, to shine on flipcharts or just to impress colleagues and friends.

Here too, what you have learned can be applied insert directly and you will own sketchnotes create on different topics. As an inspiration, I'll show you in the video how I implemented the respective topic as a sketch note.

Your new visualization power will help you in all areas of life!

Timo leads through his course with competence and ease as well as his motivating way of sketching.
The “cheat sheets with picture vocabulary” are also a highlight.


Continuing education regardless of time and place

Your course access enables you to learn effectively - anywhere, anytime, on any device. As you like it right now! The self-developed platform supports and motivates you to learn sketchnoting step by step.

From cheat sheet to sketchnotes booklet

With the Sketchnotes online course you get the best of both worlds:

  • The digital video instructions to learn everything perfectly and step by step
  • The analog cheat sheets as PDF that will remind you of what you have learned in the future

If you print out all of the cheat sheets, each lesson creates a real sketchnotes booklet that can stay with you for a long time. The best thing to do is to staple the individual pages in a folder or collect them in a clipboard.

After the course you can also record your own picture vocabulary there.

Practice exercises test you right away

Thanks to the exercises for almost every lesson, you are challenged again and again: Your creative thinking is stimulated and your skills are trained directly.

But I won't leave you alone with the tasks either - you will always receive a suggested solution from me, which you can look at after you have completed the task.

This is what other workshop participants say

Below you will find some reviews from course participants who have already successfully immersed themselves in the world of sketchnotes and discovered their creative abilities.

A huge THANK YOU (beautifully lettered, of course :)) for this wonderfully inspiring online course. I've learned a lot and I'm really hooked on deepening all the basics and getting better and better with the help of the tips.

The course is great - clearly structured, divided into the right kind of snacks (videos are not too long and always nice to the point), Timo really has a very, very pleasant way of conveying and you like to listen and watch. The material and the explanations are really extremely helpful and well structured and I felt well guided throughout and always had the feeling that Timo loved to share his tips and tricks with all his heart.

I also did the online hand lettering course at the same time and am a little sad that both courses are now over. [...] Thank you very much again for all the work and effort!

Thank you for so much knowledge transfer! In the past, I have often tried to use as little text as necessary and as many icons / images as possible during trainings and presentations. Before Christmas I came across the topic of sketchnoting and luckily Timo's online course! What can I say, a real win!

The course offers everything for a good and successful start in this topic. The scope is exactly right and didactically wonderfully prepared. The possibility to do this course online at your own personal pace is very helpful for successful learning! I especially appreciate his personal tips, which have helped me and still help not to get discouraged and to keep on doing it! A very big thank you to you Timo!

Timo's sketchnoting workshop was a lot of fun. The course is coherently structured so that you are introduced step by step to the “secrets” of sketch noting.

Timo gives the participants the courage and confidence to learn sketch notes. Step by step you learn how the individual objects are built up so that over time you can get into the creative phase yourself. Before the course I marveled at curved banners with shadows, today I can draw them myself. The moving males are (still) a challenge for me, which I am happy to face with my current knowledge.

With the techniques I have learned and a little practice, the males will soon be easy for me. My to-do lists have turned from boring notes into appealing drawings.

If you are interested in sketch grades, this is the right place for you. I am grateful to have found and booked this course.

Timo's workshop on sketchnoting is great and I had a lot of fun. The hurdle of drawing is taken directly in the first lesson. Everyone, whether beginner or professional, takes a lot with them from the workshop.

I think the cheat sheets for every lesson are extremely successful. The simplest thing is really to put in paper and pens and to sketch with. Thank you for the great inspiring workshop. I am definitely looking forward to enriching my podcasts with sketchnotes in the future.

I recommend buying the course, putting paper and pens next to it, and starting the first lesson. Have lots of fun with it.

Timo's video workshop on sketch notes provides a great insight into his way of working and provides the most important basics on the subject.

The direct "look over the shoulder" helps to find an introduction to drawing and to overcome the fear of the blank sheet of paper. I find the cheat sheets to be particularly valuable as inspiration for my own sketch notes

That was just great, easy and great, I had fun, great tips that will help me create sketch notes for my blog!

Thank you and see you soon, I'll check it out every now and then.

I really enjoyed the sketchnoting workshop. Timo leads through his course with competence and ease as well as his motivating way of sketching. The “cheat sheets with picture vocabulary” are also a highlight.

If you don't have any ideas of your own, you can get wonderfully creative with it. I can absolutely recommend the workshop! It is ideal for beginners, but professionals will also be able to learn a thing or two. And now have fun, but be careful, it's addictive

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The complete package with all modules, materials and unrestricted access only costs you 89€!

After ordering, you will immediately receive your personal access and can get started right away.

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Questions & answers about the Sketchnotes online course

At this point I am trying to answer further questions that I have received from interested parties and participants.

Is sketch noting suitable for learning to draw?

Definitely! That might sound like a contradiction at first, as I keep emphasizing that you don't have to be able to draw for sketchnoting!

But it works the other way around: Sketchnoting is the ideal cornerstone for working with the pen. This makes it suitable for developing your drawing and illustration skills later.

How long does the entire workshop last?

The pure video runtime is a total of almost 6 hours, divided into the various videos. In addition, there is the textual content, as well as the cheat sheets and exercise sheets.

But since this is a workshop that requires your cooperation and you should repeat the lessons several times, the real duration of participation of course differs from the pure video duration. You should plan several days for a complete run. Then you can repeat specific lessons and watch them as often as you want if necessary.

What exactly are the "cheat sheets"?

I call the cheat sheets that because you can initially copy them to visualize certain content. They each contain a decent number of symbols, containers, examples, etc. that you can choose from for your sketch notes.

So you immediately have a certain repertoire of Sketchnotes elements that you can fall back on. With another advantage: You can print them out and place them next to your notepad.

What happens after the order?

After ordering, you will receive an email with the access address for the workshop portal and a personal user account. You can then log in immediately and get started!

Do I get proof of participation?

When you have completed the Sketchnotes course, you will receive a personal certificate confirming your participation.

How long do I have access to the content?

Your access to the online course remains active indefinitely. That means you can access the content again at any time and repeat or deepen what you have already learned.

Can I also give the course as a gift?

You cannot give away the course directly, but you can purchase a voucher with which the recipient can then register.

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