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05 I 2012

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Journal for gas-fired thermal processes

main emphasis

Thermal process technology

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October 10-12, 2012



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EfficientHeavy plate tempering out

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FCU 500

Furnace protection system control

for monitoring and control

of central security functions

of multi-burner systems

Industrial furnaces. Set the

Requirements of the

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Thermal process technology is in

many industries

Thermal processing equipment is in everyone these days

Branches of industry. The most striking example

is for sure the automotive industry. Started

with the heat treatment of sheet steel, through the tempering of the wheels

up to heat treatment (mostly hardening)

of the individual components are a total of more than 20 different ones

Thermoprocessing equipment necessary to make a

to produce modern car. The

Body materials within the last 30 years of the

Share of so-called "soft" steels in cars by approx. 80%

reduced in favor of higher and ultra-high strength steels.

This increased safety and increased weight


The special part of this issue is the upcoming one

Dedicated to the hardening congress in Wiesbaden. About this event

suppliers and operators of thermoprocessing systems meet,

to present new developments

and experience with proven technology and heat treatment processes

to exchange. Here lies the

Focus on increasing energy efficiency

the development of new materials and the reduction

pollutant emissions with maximum plant safety.

The specialist articles in the current issue go

on these focal points in detail. Wishing you

an interesting and enriching read.

Dr. Peter Wendt

Business Unit Manager

LOI Thermprocess GmbH

5-2012 gas heat international


"An association needs specialist media

Have industry. With the new

The Vulkan publishing house succeeds in doing this

Congratulations on the successful

Dr.-Ing. Timo Würz

managing Director

TPT in the VDMA

who have their ear on the pulse of

Enter the gwi

even better.

Relaunch! "

Contents 5-2012

8 The fascination of technology

Flame visualization on the test furnace

62 Technical report

Heat treatment and tempering of heavy plate

Technical reports

by Christian Sprung

59 Processes in the heat treatment and tempering of heavy plate

Process routes for heat treatment, hardening and tempering of heavy plates

by Friedhelm Kühn

69 Resource and energy reduction during intensive cooling of steel

Reduction of resources and energy through intensive cooling of steel

by Hartmut Steck-Winter

74 Safe thermoprocessing systems 2.0

Safe thermal processing plants 2.0

by Michael Angerstein

81 Infrared drying with pore heaters in industry

Infrared drying with porous burners in the industry

by Sabine von Gersum, Martin Wicker

85 New low NO x solution for high-speed burners

New low-NO x solution for high velocity burner

by Arnd Müller

90 Increased energy consumption of directly heated industrial furnaces

Elevated energy consumption in directly heated industrial furnaces

4 gas heat international 2012-5

5-2012 content

87 Technical report

High-speed burner in low-NO x use

41 Hardening Congress 2012

Special part about the Banchen event


10 Economy and Business

22 trade fairs / congresses / meetings

25 events

26 training

30 GWI seminars

32 personal details

33 media

Hardening Congress 2012 - Special

General information

37 68th Hardening Congress calls to Wiesbaden

38 Overview of data

Interview with Michael Lohrmann

41 “The hardening congress continues Internationalization "

44 program

For the 10.-12. October 2012

Product preview

47 exhibitors present their latest products

5-2012 gas heat international


Content 5-2012

94 From practice

Recuperator of a cracked flow burner

106 In profile

Institute for Materials Technology (IWT)

From practice

94 Use of gap burners under production conditions

96 Process steam for the manufacture of high-quality paper products


99 Episode 9: Dr. Rolf Albus

"We need a master plan for the energy transition"

In profile

105 Episode 11:

IWT-Bremen: Foundation Institute for Materials Technology

Economy & Management

111 Leadership and Health: How Salutogenic Leadership Promotes Health

Natural gas data sheet

110 average values ​​2011

+++ +++ +++

6 gas heat international 2012-5


Recuperative burner

101 We asked

Episode 9: Rolf Albus

Company portrait

136 IVA Industrieöfen GmbH GmbH

Market overview

116 I. Thermoprocessing systems for individual

Heat treatment process

122 II. Components, equipment and

Operating and auxiliary materials




IBS delivers:

- industrial burners

- hot gas generator

- Control components

and surveillance

IBS provides:

- Development

and manufacturing

- Commissioning and maintenance

- Worldwide sales and

Service network


Regenerative burner


Industrial burners

134 III. Advice, planning, services,


135 IV. Professional associations, universities, institutes

and organizations

135 V. Exhibition companies, training and further education


Duct burner


Process burner


1 editorial

8 The fascination of technology

114 List of advertisers

3. US imprint

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5-2012 gas heat international


Fascination with technology

8 gas heat international 2012-5

Flame visualization on the test furnace

With the help of modern camera measurement technology, the high-temperature test furnace

of the Gas and Heat Institute Essen e. V.

Flames in the vicinity of the burner are made visible.

(Source: Gas and Heating Institute Essen e.V.)

5-2012 gas heat international



Economy and business

Trimet receives the CDU boss on his business tour

The North Rhine-Westphalian CDU boss

Armin Laschet was part of his

current industry and business tour

through North Rhine-Westphalia as a guest at the

Trimet Aluminum AG in Essen. Accompanied

became the CDU state chairman of

Thomas Kufen, energy policy spokesman

the CDU parliamentary group, as well as from the Essenes

Mayor Franz-Josef Britz. The owner

Heinz-Peter Schlüter, the chairman of the board

Dr. Martin Iffert and the head of the

Energy industry at Trimet, Heribert

Hauck, welcomed the guests and

discussed the challenges with them

industrial production within

the current energy policy.

Those involved emphasized that

Implementation of the energy transition

competitive framework

Indispensable for the industry in order to achieve the

North Rhine-Westphalia’s economic strength

secure and the industrial site

To preserve Germany. "Currently at

North Rhine-Westphalia, an industrial country

with 16,000 industrial companies

the preservation and value of work alongside

a big topic for everything ecological.

“I want from the point of view of the industrialized country

North Rhine-Westphalia the topics

Future of jobs and business literacy

also in the federal party

a greater weight in the future

give ”, says Laschet. Dr. Martin Iffert added

added: “The preservation of industrial value creation

must be set as the goal of the energy transition

become. The energy transition

is only successful if she is a role model

for other countries will. The participation

industry is essential to

because it is the basis of our prosperity. "

During a factory tour by the

Electrolysis and the foundry informed

the guests about the production of the

Light metal.

Closing on the sale of the construction elements group

from ThyssenKrupp

In October 2011, the Executive Board of ThyssenKrupp Steel

Europe decided to move away from business with high quality

Separate steel products for the construction industry. Before that

was a comprehensive analysis of the possibilities

to improve competitiveness and earnings

this business area. After examining various

A best-owner solution was found for alternatives: On

August 08, 2012 a purchase agreement was signed with Kingspan for the

Acquisition of the Construction Group signed.

After approval by the supervisory bodies

as well as the responsible regulatory authorities in Germany

and the Netherlands the closing has now taken place.

The components group now sold by Thyssen-

Krupp Steel Europe is a major supplier of

Steel lightweight construction elements for use in walls, facades,

Roofs and ceilings of industrial buildings as well

in cold room construction. The Construction Group as of March 31

Achieved an annual turnover of around 315 million euros in 2012,

consists of ThyssenKrupp Bausysteme, Hoesch Bausysteme

and Isocab. To this division (about 780 employees)

belong to factories in Germany (Kreuztal-Eichen, Oldenburg),

Austria, France, Belgium and Hungary as well as international

Sales companies.

The new owner of the construction elements group is the international,

fast growing Kingspan Group plc based in

Kingscourt / Ireland. This achieved sales in 2011

of 1.5 billion euros. Kingspan has been manufacturing for more than 35 years

Components and insulation materials and is worldwide with

almost 50 production sites and around 6,000 employees


10 gas heat international 2012-5

Economy and business


VDMA gives forecast for 2013

German mechanical and plant engineering

dares to do more in the coming year

Growth too. “The VDMA economists

expect a price-adjusted rate in 2013

Plus for German machine production

of around 2%. For the current year 2012

we also increase the forecast to plus

2% ”, explained VDMA General Manager

Dr. Hannes Hesse. In February it was still from

zero growth has been assumed.

In the first half of 2012, the

Machine production at the previous year's level

At 4 %. “We are better than in the spring

started expected. That pulls the whole

Annual result up ”, commented

VDMA chief economist Ralph Wiechers den

pleasing growth. In the first quarter

expanded the machine production

a good 8% (+ 8.1%). In the following second

Quarterly it was largely at the previous year's level

(+ 0.2%). In the further course of the year

the order declines are likely

the first half of the year a little stronger in the

Make machine production noticeable

and the annual result on a plus in the

Press on the order of 2%.

For the coming year 2013 they expect

VDMA economists with another

Growth of 2%. In the first quarter of 2013

be prepared for minus rates, because the

Production must be at the high level of the previous year

let measure. With expiry of this

Effect and under the general assumption,

that the global economic environment is brightening,

probably the German machine production

turn into positive again. Essential requirement

is a de-escalation of national debt

and euro crisis. This should

those that are still heavily dampening in the current year 2012

Effects of Declining Demand

noticeably decrease from the euro zone. Further

it is assumed that the economy is on

important foreign markets, in particular

the PRC, catches. Business promoting should

finally the good lineup of the

German mechanical and plant engineering company

in international competition as well as the

the resulting chances of the

Gain in market share.

“We are well aware that this

Forecast of a worsening of the problems

does not hold up in the euro area and they in

some contradiction to the current

The mood is in place, ”says Hannes

Hesse tight. “Also in mechanical and plant engineering

not all branches of industry will increase production

can expect. The

includes a plus for mechanical engineering in

But not toto ”, says the VDMA managing director


5-2012 gas heat international

High precision through 100% German know-how:

In this way, SCHLAGER meets every technical requirement

from heat treatment companies invoice.


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Economy and business

ABP Induction is awarded for the 3rd time by

FAW Foundry in China

FAW Foundry, China's largest automotive

Company, has signed the contract

on August 7, 2012 for ABP

Induction Systems in Dortmund decided:

Innovative and sustainable high-tech,

one hundred percent reliability at the

Meeting deadlines and the best service

Place tipped the scales against the competition.

The six Twin-Power® sets are used for

Modernization of an existing foundry

used or as initial equipment in

installed in a newly built foundry,

which makes it the most modern of the FAW Group

will represent. Each of the twelve IFM medium frequency crucible induction furnaces

will with

the Ecotop hood developed by ABP

equipped for smoke evacuation.

Two of these ovens are used after

the ABP Twin-Power® principle from one

Energy source supplied. This eliminates the

otherwise usual switching times and overheating

the melt are avoided.

Even the parallel oscillating circuit converter technology used for this

proves the innovation leadership of

ABP Induction. In addition, each

Integrated Twin-Power®-Set PRODAPT®-MD

- one also developed by ABP

Melt processor that controls the

Operation and monitoring of the system

enabled during operation.

Mr. Wei, General Manager of ABP

China is particularly proud of this order:

“This is the third order

of the FAW Group. This shows that ABP

Induction its customers again and again

can convince and the submitted

Keeping promises. "

Realignment at Schmidt + Clemens

The Schmidt + Clemens Group (S + C) is already putting an end to this

Reorientation of the organization started in May 2012

continue to consistently around. The targeted worldwide matrix organization

combined with a clear department-oriented control

and decision-making structure at the headquarters in Lindlar

continues to gain profile. Apart from the one for October 2012

planned merger of the German companies

S + C Extrusion Tooling Solutions GmbH, S + C Märker GmbH and

Schmidt + Clemens GmbH & Co. KG to a company

the management has already been completed.

In addition to the chairman of the management board, Dipl.-Ing.

Jan Schmidt-Krayer; the managing director of finance, Dr.

Henning Kreisel and the internal company

Managing Director Sales, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Hellige could

the newly created management department on September 1st

"Production and Technology" with Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Dominic

Otte to be occupied. Dominic Otte was previously in charge

Position at a global family company

active in the air conditioning industry and has several years of experience

Experience in international production.

“Our goal is a continuous one that is worthwhile for everyone

Growth of the entire S + C group. And not just in

existing, but also in new markets and with new,

innovative products ", says the chairman of the board of management,

Jan Schmidt-Krayer.“Especially the smaller ones too

Business areas extrusion and finishing of

Forged products benefit from the new organization.

We want to continuously develop here. "

The cornerstone for the old company structure was laid

already laid 40 years ago and was no longer up-to-date,

as this grows with the group of companies

and the progressive Internationalization no longer

Could keep up. Schmidt-Krayer emphasizes this in particular

no jobs as a result of the restructuring measures

are at risk. On the contrary, the new company organization

bring new ones for some employees

Perspectives in professional development at S + C. "I

I am very pleased that our works councils are making this development

have welcomed and thank you for your support ”, so


12 gas heat international 2012-5



Reference book with

complete eBook

on data carrier

DIN EN ISO 50001 in practice

A guide to building and operating a

Energy management system

This specialist book provides the basic knowledge for the first time

the development of energy management systems based on

of DIN EN ISO 50001.

The standard introduced in April 2012 defines the requirements

of energy management systems and solves the DIN EN 16001

from 2009 onwards. In addition to the technical basics of consumption measurement

and energy billing, readers can find out in

more compact, transparent form methods of data collection and

Data analysis as well as for the targeted use of the obtained

Results. The additional digital content offer - together

with the eBook - also practical use for the mobile


A work for everyone involved in procurement and provision

are entrusted with the planning and with the

Implementation of efficiency-increasing processes in companies


K. Reese

1st edition 2012, 284 pages with DVD, hardcover


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___ Ex.

DIN EN ISO 50001 in practice

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Economy and business

Andritz delivers

Biomass boiler

to Sweden


Technology group

Andritz received from the municipal

Energy supply company

Karlstad's energies

AB (Sweden) awarded the contract for

Delivery of a new one with biomass

fired boiler for

the thermal power station in Hedenverket.

Commissioning is for

Planned for the end of 2014.

The scope of delivery includes

the complete boiler (from the

Fuel silos up to the flue gas blower outlet)

based on the

proven stationary fluidized bed technology,

the height

Efficiency with excellent

Combined environmental properties.

The boiler is in the

Region sufficiently available

wood-containing fuels such as

Wood waste, sawdust and

Burn bark and pro

Hour generate 127 t of steam

(corresponds to a thermal

Output of 88 MW).

According to Karlstads Energi, it can

with the construction of the new thermal power station

the entire currently

exclusively on fossil fuels

based energy generation

of the municipality gradually

set and through

Electricity generation from renewable

Resources are replaced.

“With the completion of this

We can plant thanks to the highly efficient

and more environmentally friendly

Technology our electricity and

District heating deliveries

sustainable and renewable

Secure fuels in the long term ",

thinks Karlstad's energy

Board member Mats Preger.

IW study shows: companies are over

Success of the energy transition unsettled

There is a great deal in German industry

Uncertainty about what influence the

Energy transition will have on their business.

This is confirmed by a new study by the institute of

German Economy (IW) on behalf of

Industry associations chemistry (VCI), mechanical engineering

(VDMA) and steel (WVS): Around 80% of the

Manufacturing companies

are currently unable to reliably assess whether the

politically wanted switch to renewables

Energies of their development at the location

Germany harms or benefits. Only 1%

of the companies surveyed expects a

significant strengthening through the energy transition.

In contrast, 19% see the risk of a significant

Weakening. “The study shows when the

greatest challenge for our country since

If reunification is to succeed, it must

Politics finally do their homework ",

explained the managing director of the VDMA,

Dr. Hannes Hesse. The high level of uncertainty

industry inevitably leads to

Reluctance to invest.

This uncertainty is before the importance

of industrial value chains

to see. Around 70% of the processing

According to the IW study, businesses benefit from

the innovative strength of energy-intensive companies.

This is especially true in the

Business areas “new materials” as well as

"Material and energy efficiency".

A significant part of the company

fears that their value chains

unstable due to rising energy costs

Could be as they are using energy intensive

Company directly or indirectly through

Suppliers are intertwined. “Domestic energy-intensive

Companies can participate in the

common development is not easy

be replaced ”, emphasizes Hesse. "For many

Industries, the energy transition is an investment program.

But that only works

if we have closed value chains

and innovation networks between

the core branches of industry. "

The IW survey shows that networking

of the industries the ability of

entire industry promotes new products

and method to generate: According to study

60% of all companies work in manufacturing

Trade in networks of innovation-related

Subjects. The production network

is about an innovation network

added. "Only where production takes place

can improve products or processes

be organized more efficiently. And only where

Constant research remains international

Maintain competitiveness ”, underlines

Hans Jürgen Kerkhoff, President of

Steel trade association.

The share of German industry in

Gross domestic product has been constant for years

at a good 21% - one draws industry-related

If services are added, the proportion increases

in GDP to almost 31%. Behind this stable

Dynamic change processes find the overall picture

instead, like the IW study

shows: Since 2008 almost 60% have

of companies new customers and 40%

won new suppliers. Change of supplier

have primarily business management

Motives, it's mainly about lesser ones

Production cost and higher quality. The

The majority of companies are seeing such changes

in the value chains

as an opportunity to become more competitive.

However, these change processes come across

clearly at the limits when it comes to

domestic through foreign suppliers in

to replace the value chains.

Exactly 85% of the companies surveyed make a decision

at comparable prices for

German suppliers. Even with something higher

Price still prefers a good third

a domestic provider.

All three associations are in one

One point: Against the background of the tight

Entanglements between the basic material and

Capital goods industries in Germany

do not carry it further, the world in energy intensive

and not energy intensive or

even in desirable or undesirable industries

to divide. “We all sit in one

Boat and stand together for industrial

Performance and thus for the

Securing prosperity in Germany ",

said the managing directors of the three trade associations.

14 gas heat international 2012-5

Economy and business


Weltec receives award as

"Best biogas plant in England"

The English biogas trade association has

the system of the Weltec customer “Fernbrook

Bio ”in July this year with the

'UK AD & Biogas Industry Award 2012' as

best biogas plant in England awarded.

The 1.5 MW plant near Kettering im

Central English Northamptonshire convinced

the judges through the efficient

Operation and the overall concept that the

Use of a biogas plant as a waste processing plant


To about 3,000 households with electricity too

supply have been around since 2010

30,000 t of biowaste, liquid manure and flotation fats

converted into electricity. WELTEC had the biogas plant

for the operator Fernbrook Bio for it

specially with an unpacking system for

Food as well as separation established.

Fernbrook Bio was delighted

about the award: “Almost

We have been working with Weltec Biopower for four years

together and are happy about this

Partnership that is now considered the best biogas plant

England's a worthy and well-deserved

Receives recognition, ”said managing director

Shaun Cherry after the award ceremony.

Another biogas plant from Weltec

also made it onto the list of

Nominations: the 1.3 MW biogas plant

'Lower Reule' in Gnossall in the West Midlands,

the next to pig manure and corn silage

also uses leftover food.

The electricity from this power plant provides for

2,600 households with electricity, heats with the

Warm the farm building of the operator

and dries digestate left on agricultural

Areas are spread.

In addition, the 'Lower Reule Farm' was built in

the categories “Best Integration of AD

into a farming business "and" Best AD Project "

nominated. The awards are

an incentive to continue using efficient technology

and put high quality. "We're glad

us very much about this award, ”says

Chris Jellett, UK sales rep

Subsidiary Weltec UK Ltd. "You

confirms our concept of integration

an agricultural biogas plant in

the waste recycling cycle. "

Hall 1. Stand 126

5-2012 gas heat international



Economy and business

Otto Junker supplies Chinese

Manufacturer of copper products

Chinalco Shanghai Copper Co. Ltd. was established

from the company

Shanghai Non-ferrous Metals (Group) Co.

Ltd., is one of the traditional Chinese

Manufacturer of copper ribbons

and copper alloys. Already in the

In the 1990s, Otto Junker had the first

Strip treatment plant with strip float furnace

delivered there. In the course of the ambitious

Project by Chinalco Shanghai,

leading standards in the manufacture of

To put copper products and at the same time

the production capacity of strip material

by 70,000 t / a to 120,000 t / a

expand, were one by Otto Junker

Floating furnace annealing line with the latest

Technology and two cleaning lines

delivered. In the summer of 2011 the

Lines successfully started production.

While the technology and

the essential components of the systems

were delivered, was a high proportion

of the machine components locally from

Junker-Shanghai, a 100% subsidiary of

Otto Junker, made. At speeds

of up to 100 m / min

Belts with minimal belt tension in continuous