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This is the most honest country in the world - an experiment

You just want to pay for the food in the restaurant, reach into your pocket and realize with horror: Your wallet is gone. Whether at home in Germany or on vacation - if valuables are lost, after a desperate search the only hope is that you will find an honest finder.

But where can you most likely expect it? Researchers from Switzerland and the USA started an experiment and examined exactly that in 355 cities in 40 countries. The surprising results show why you can even be happy when you have a little more money in your lost wallet.

The test: Researchers in 40 countries give up "lost" wallets

The five to eighth largest cities in a country were selected for the test. Leading scientist Michael André Maréchal's team gave more than 17,300 purses to public institutions such as banks, theaters, museums and hotels. These were filled with local currency, business cards with the owner's contact details, a shopping list written in the respective national language, and some with a key.

His helpers pretended to be the finder: “Hi, I found this on the street just around the corner. Somebody must have lost it. Can you take care of it? ”, The researcher described the exact process in the specialist magazine“ Science ”.

The special thing about it is that there was a different amount of money in each exchange. From nothing to just under $ 95. Would people report the find to the drop-off points?

Result: People report a find when there is more money in it

First of all: 8,000 of more than 17,300 wallets were returned. In general, it cannot be said in which country the most honest people live, because in the experiment that was heavily dependent on the amount of money.

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What is really astonishing is that the higher the amount, the more likely (51 percent) the owners will be notified - for exchanges without money, the rate was 40 percent. This pattern of behavior was confirmed in 38 out of 40 countries.

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Switzerland and Scandinavia are the most honest countries

The fact that Scandinavia ranks at the top is hardly surprising: In another experiment a few years ago, researchers found in a very similar test that the Finns most often return a wallet found on the street.

Helsinki was therefore named the most honest city in the world, but how about the country comparison? Finland does not appear in the study, but Norway (2nd place) and Sweden (5th place) maintain their good reputation. A clear distinction must be made here:

The Danes (4th place), Swedes (5th), and New Zealanders (8th) were the most honest of the wallets with more money, while the Swiss were not in first place in the overall ranking for any money.

Germany in the top third - China brings up the rear

How about the honesty of the Germans? Quite well, exchanges with no money at all were reported less frequently than in New Zealand, but overall Germany (9th place) still does better than neighboring France (10th place) or Spain (14th place).

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Holiday countries like Portugal (20th place), Greece (23rd place) and Italy (24th place) are in the middle of the field. According to the results of the study, however, you should not necessarily expect honesty in many Asian and African countries.

The most popular Southeast Asian long-distance travel destination Thailand (28th place) leads the last third, followed by nations such as India (30th place), Turkey (31st place), Indonesia (33rd place) and Kenya (36th place).

The find was least reported in Peru (38th place), Morocco (39th place) and China (40th place).

More money in the stock exchange makes finders feel guilty

According to the test, more money does not tempt you to keep your wallet. The rationale of the research team is that with a higher amount of money, people felt more like thieves.

Even things that have no material value for the finder, such as in this case the key attached, should appeal to the conscience.