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MontanaBlack is banned - expresses remorse, provokes Twitch with a sensitive stream

The streamer Marcel "MontanaBlack" Eris has been banned from Twitch for 33 days. In a video he explains how embarrassing he is about the ban and how much he regrets his behavior. But a few days later he seems to provoke Twitch. In a campaign with friendly streamers like unsympathisch_tv and Trymacs, his gaming space was suddenly back on Twitch.

This is the background:

  • Marcel "MontanaBlack" Eris is by far the largest German streamer. De cultivated the image of a "former junkie" with harsh language who came off the street and became a YouTube star. Like a rapper, MontanaBlack likes to flaunt its economic success
  • MontanaBlack was launched on 9/24. Banned from Twitch for 33 days after misbehaving while on vacation in Malta, taking photos of a woman from a distance and making Neanderthal sounds when he spotted attractive women
  • He accepted this ban and understood the public outrage over his behavior. He said he was sorry for his behavior. It was all terribly embarrassing for him. He will now go inside and reflect on that

"I'm not like that"

This is what MontanaBlack said first: In a 10-minute video after his ban, MontanaBlack fully admitted his guilt. He said that after seeing the clips, he found his behavior just plain embarrassing and wrong.

MontanaBlack says:

“And I'm so embarrassed, Digger. I'll tell you very honestly: I'm so embarrassed how it all came about. I'm just uncomfortable with that, Digger. "


At the moment when the scenes were created, he hadn't thought anything of it. He let himself be carried away by how well he was on vacation and wanted to entertain the audience.

But his behavior was out of the question, he says. There is nothing to be denied. But that wouldn't really have been what you saw: “I'm not like that,” he said repeatedly.

He actually just wanted to do his thing on Twitch. Also say things that he offends with, but generally "no headache."

The streamer then explained how much he likes to stream on Twitch, how much that means to him and how difficult it is for him to keep his feet still for 30 days. Because "streaming is my life."

He is also terribly impatient: it is incredibly difficult for him to wait 30 days before he can stream again. Every day then drags on endlessly when it is waiting for something.

That was the latest promotion: A few days ago a live stream suddenly appeared on the unsympathisch_tv channel: There the streamer could be seen clearly streaming from MontanaBlack.

Next to him you could see Trymacs, one of the biggest German streamers on Twitch.

The streamers made numerous allusions that they had taken over the house from a "previous tenant". He still has a lot of bells and whistles. You will now open a few packs in FIFA 21 and then hold a “Real Talk” - all typical things that MontanaBlack does otherwise.

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Apparently, MontanaBlack was in the room and sitting out of sight. He was not allowed to appear in front of the camera because that prohibited his ban.

For 25 minutes there were innuendos, laughter and gags. Again and again you aimed at MontanaBlack and its habits with swipes. It was then said that they wanted to put a few more slot machines in the apartment. There was a smell of stale cigarette smoke and casino in the booth. And besides, you can only think of free spins there.

The streamers made fun of teasing Twitch and balancing around the corners of the spell.

The streamers admitted that they actually had little material. They drove through half of Germany “just for the one gag”.

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A video of the campaign has already received almost a million views on YouTube.

German streamers play a gag with fire

This is what makes it so tricky: Twitch expressly forbids streamers from live contact with banned streamers. This rule was tightened a few days ago to respond to the ban from Dr Disrespect, with whom streamers were still in contact.

The rules for bypassing a ban on Twitch state:

All blocks are binding until the expiry of the corresponding period or until they are lifted after a successful objection. Attempts to bypass an account or chat block by using other accounts, identities or by being present in the account of another user will also lead to your accounts being blocked, up to and including a permanent ban.

It is also forbidden to use your channel to knowingly present or advertise a blocked user. We understand that there may be situations where banned users appear on your stream due to circumstances beyond your control, such as: Through third party gaming tournaments, but we expect you to use your best efforts to remove them from your broadcast, mute them, or otherwise limit their interactions with your stream.

From the rules of Twitch

Twitch does not want "banned streamers" in any form on the platform. Circumventing a barrier is clearly prohibited.

By constantly referring to MontanaBlack in its stream, unsympathisch_tv, without violating the wording of the rules, was a risky gag.

The streamers didn't break the exact wording of the rule, but they did break the ghost. With bad luck, Twitch could interpret the participants in such a way that they presented or advertised a blocked user.

One speculates that Twitch will turn a blind eye and see that as a gag.

Despite all the regrets, MontanaBlack remains true to its image. In the video, he also emphasized that he did not want to be a streamer like everyone else. A bit of resistance to the rules is always part of it.

The actions of MontanaBlack caused public outrage a few weeks ago. On Twitter, some users had complained in detail about what MontanaBlack makes for a role model for young people. We reported about it on MeinMMO:

MontanaBlack makes Neanderthal calls against women - Would Twitch ban be okay