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The best SAT prep courses in 2021

If you're still in high school, especially junior year, that SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is most likely in your head. The SAT tests the most basic reading, math, and writing skills required for college education.

Although there are more test-optional schools than before, the SAT is unlikely to go away anytime soon. According to Zach Goldberg, spokesman for the college board that owns and makes the SAT, more than 85 percent of college applications are still sent to schools that require both SAT or ACT scores.

So if we have to take the test, let's do it with a strategy. Regardless of your type of study or financial situation, you can find a SAT preparation course that suits you exactly.

Check out our handpicked list of SAT prep courses and find the best solution!

Our measurements from SAT preparation courses

Before delving into the current listing, see how we measured these SAT prep courses.

  • Test exam: With everything in life, the simple truth is that practice makes perfect. The same applies to the SAT. The more you practice, the higher your score. Therefore, the number of practice tests in the preparation course is important. However, it is just as important to know how to know what will be on the test. The depth of content that follows and supports each practice test, such as detailed answer explanations or company blog articles on strategies and tips, is also important.
  • Adaptation: Yes, practice makes perfect. But blind repetition is pure laziness. For each of the three sections in the SAT - reading, writing, and math - each student begins at different levels. Rather than offering the same curriculum to all students, a good prep course should be customizable to reinforce each student's weaknesses. A variety of prep options allow students to find one that suits their own learner type.
  • Variety of content: In addition to the practice tests, there are many ways to prepare for the test. A good prep course offers a variety of learning tools such as flash cards, games, live classrooms, quizzes, or a 24/7 online learning tutor.
  • Temporal flexibility: High school students are busy. A good prep course should take this into account and keep its content constantly available to students to help them create their own curricula. Programs with mobile apps would also be very useful for busy students.
  • Price: However great the course is, if it doesn't fit your budget, it's probably over. Although many prep courses can be more expensive, there are many affordable and even free courses that are still of fantastic quality.

Our selection of SAT preparation courses

Here is our hand-picked list of the best SAT prep courses, each differing in strengths and weaknesses. you are Not listed according to price range.

1. Khan Academy

Partnership with the college board, Khan Academy offers an official SAT prep course that includes questions, tips and strategies, as well as other miscellaneous content from the creators of the SAT.

  • Test exam: There are 8 full-length practice tests with explanations of answers. In addition to practice tests, there are thousands of practice questions available for each section.
  • Adaptation: The Khan Academy's preliminary course is very customizable. After a quick diagnostic quiz, Khan Academy will create a bespoke study plan with recommended areas for review. You can even link your previous SAT scores to your account for a more detailed study plan. If you are taking one of the Khan Academy training tests, you can also take a photo using the College Board app Daily training for the new SATand your results will be uploaded to your Khan Academy dashboard. There you will receive recommendations for new fields of action.
  • Variety of content: Khan Academy offers a variety of learning tools such as interactive quizzes, video lessons, and reference articles on topics such as learning strategies and time management. The course also features videos by Sal Khan, the founder and CEO of Khan Academy, in which he works on problems and explains his approach to difficult questions. Even so, the Khan Academy lacks content such as live chats with actual teachers.
  • Temporal flexibility: All contents of the Khan Academy are very flexible over time because they are all online. So you can use them whenever and wherever you want. You can also download the Khan Academy app for free to access all of your phone's PC content. However, if you are more of a personal study type or cannot keep up with a study plan yourself, you may need to find another course to motivate yourself more directly.


With its very simple website, is literally an online directory of SAT practice tests. There's not much more to it than that, however. No video content, bespoke study plans, or explanations.

  • Test exam: There are many. Really. You can take both new and old SAT practice tests online or in print. You can also read, do arithmetic and write smaller sets of problems from all three sections. For example, if you want to improve the paired passages in the Reading Pane, clickSAT readingAnd choose from a list of linked passages.
  • Adaptation: does Not Provide a tailored study plan or recommendations for each student. There isn't even a membership system.
  • Variety of content: keeps its content very simple and straightforward. Definitely not colorful. Practice tests, SAT subject tests, and essay samples and tips for college. And that's it.
  • Temporal flexibility: Since you can find all of the content online, is very flexible over time. Just like Khan Academy, this prep course may be too online for those who work better with a personal tutor or set schedule. does not have a mobile app.

3. PrepScholar

With teachers who score in the 99th percentile or higher on the SAT, PrepScholar offers a wide variety of highly adaptable courses and expert-taught lessons.

  • Test exam: You will receive up to 6 full-length practice tests and over 7,100 practice questions with detailed explanations of the answer for each question.
  • Adaptation: You can choose from5 different preparation options.
    • The simplest and most popular option - the Complete online SAT preparation - includes full access to all online learning materials and support, such as: B. A personalized curriculum, individual feedback and weekly reports that track your progress.
    • The PrepScholar classes The option includes everything in the previous option plus an online class experience led by experts.
    • The C.omplete + tuition Includes everything in the Complete SAT online preparation option plus hours of one-to-one tuition.
    • The Complete Premium Allows you to access everything in the full SAT online preparation, but for three years.
    • After all, that is Dual SAT + ACT Contains preparation tools for SAT and ACT.

All 5 options have a term of at least one year. Your program is too continuously updated adapt to the current level of difficulty. Your updated program then selects weekly assignments based on topics or concepts that need improvement.

  • Variety of content: In addition to field tests and questions, you'll have access to over 210 hours of content, 700 problem-solving videos, 98 skill lessons with strategy videos, as well as live online classrooms and personal tutors. You and your parents will also receive it weekly email reports from real PrepScholar teachers, who will discuss how to improve and motivate you to achieve your set goals.
  • Temporal flexibility: Under 5 there are different preparation options Complete online SAT preparation is most flexible over time. Although you need to adjust your time a little more to a fixed schedule, that is PrepScholar classes Option also offers all materials online as well as online courses from experts. You can take full advantage of an expert-led SAT course without leaving your own room.
  • Price: PrepScholar prep courses start at just $ 397 and start at just $ 995, but are a bit expensive for some students.

4. The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review offers a variety of learning tools and course options that adapt to each student's different situations and learning styles.

  • Test exam: The number of practice tests varies from as low as 15 to as high as 24 full-length practice tests, depending on the course option. In addition to in-depth practice tests, there are thousands of practice questions, hundreds of video content, and 24/7 support from online tutors. So basically you never run out of practice questions or explanatory resources.
  • Adaptation: The Princeton Review offers 4 different options.
    • The Self-employedThe one-year option offers a comprehensive SAT curriculum for busy self-students whose curriculum is constantly changing.
    • Even for a year Ultimate classroom Option offers everything in the self-paced option plus 18 hours of instruction from a SAT expert and three supervised practice tests.
    • The SAT 1400 +The option, which also lasts for a year, includes everything in the self-study option plus Lesson time with 1 expert tutor and 4 supervised practical tests.
    • After all, that is Private lessons Option offers everything in Self-Paced Option plus One-on-one interviews with experienced tutors.

Plus, with each course option, you get personalized lesson plans based on your practice tests and exercises to avoid wasting time on things you already know and to focus on things you keep getting wrong.

  • Variety of content: The Princeton Review offers a wide variety of content, from over 280 online video courses to 377 online exercises to hours of chat with experts. You and your parents can track progress and set learning goals to avoid congestion or panic attacks the night before the test date. Also, for each course option, students can use a set of 500 flashcards of English and math concepts. The index cards are available in print and online.
  • Temporal flexibility: Under 4 there are different course options Self-employed Option allows the greatest flexibility over time. Students can access on-demand lessons online at any time.
  • Price: Depending on the course options, the price can be as low as $ 274 or as high as $ 2,300.

5. Magoosh

With bespoke study plans and affordable prices Magoosh is a good option for students who are budget-friendly but want more than just tests and video courses to practice.

  • Test exam: It provides information on 3 practice tests and 1,500 practice questions. Each practice question comes with a detailed explanatory video that discusses concepts and links.
  • Adaptation: There are 3 plans with the same content and functions, but with different durations of 1, 3 or 12 months. Each option includes unrestricted access to all online learning materials and aids, such as: B. individual learning plans and weekly progress reports from experienced tutors. You also get access to a dashboard where you can see video lesson suggestions, track your progress, and compare your results with those of other students. You can also customize the workouts by choosing your topics and difficulty level and activating the optional timed quiz mode to practice time management.
  • Variety of content: In addition to practical tests and questions, you have access to flashcards, over 200 video lessons, personal support from experienced tutors, detailed performance analysis and weekly progress reports for parents.
  • Temporal flexibility: Since Magoosh provides all content online, its courses are very flexible over time. They also offer two different mobile apps, one for video lessons and practice questions and one for flash cards with English and math concepts. However, if you are more of a personal study type or cannot keep up with a study plan yourself, you may need to find another course to motivate yourself more directly.
  • Price: From $ 39.50 and up to $ 49.50, Magoosh offers very affordable prep courses with a wide variety of content. You can also sign up for a Trial version available free and choose to pay later.

6. Chaplain

With experienced teachers who have scored at 90 percent or more on the SAT, Chaplain Offers customizable and expert-led course options.

  • Test exam: All course programs include at least 8 full-length online practice tests and chaplain Big book from SAT Test exam. In addition to the practice tests, there are thousands of practice questions available, plus online and live lessons so that you not only know what is on the test, but also how to approach it.
  • Adaptation: There are8 different course options.
    • The Self-employed The option is valid for 6 months and includes unrestricted access to all online learning materials and aids, such as: QBankbuilding personalized quizzes.
    • If the duration varies according to schedules, the Live online Includes everything in the self-paced option plus 18 hours of live online lessons and 30 hours of live lessons on The SAT channelThis is Kaplan's own channel for online expert-led meetings.
    • The Personally Option gives everything the Live Online Option does, but personal.
    • The Private tutoring This option gives you access to all online materials with the personal assistance of an experienced tutor.
    • Lasts until December of last year Unlimited preparation This option gives you all the online learning tools like Kaplan courses, SAT and ACT channels, Proctored Practice tests and QBank for all three tests, SAT, ACT and PSAT.
    • The Math basics Option focuses on improving your math score for all three tests.
    • The Quick review live Option gives you last minute review for Math, Verbal, or both sections in the SAT.
    • After all, that is Qbank With this option you only have access to Qbank. All of Kaplan's prep courses are very customizable.

All options offer online resources as well as customized curricula based on your field tests. You get too Progress reports to track your performance.

  • Variety of content: In addition to practice tests and practice questions, students have updated online quizzes and Qbank, a set of 600 flash cards, up to 40 hours of video courses, 24/7 access to live instructions, and hours of private coaching.
  • Temporal flexibility: From many course options that Self-employed Option is the most flexible in time. With this option you not only have access to the online practice questions and the online QBank, but also to 40 hours of self-planned video courses on terms and topics that have been tested on the SAT.
  • Price: Depending on the course option, the price can be as low as 30 or as high as 4,599. The Self-employed Option starts at $ 299.


Your SAT score is important because it will help you get the first cut in the college admissions process. Even though you have a lot more than just a test result, the test is still important enough to prepare you well enough. However, it should by no means last a lifetime. So be smart and strategic as you prepare for the exam. But before you spend thousands of dollars on a prep course, Try the free ones first. If you are a self student then perfect. Stick with the free online resources. If you need that extra boost, consider taking a prep course with online classrooms or tutors.