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Move to Melbourne

How much does it cost to move to Melbourne

Especially a move, especially to Melbourne, you have to reckon with costs. In order to avoid nasty surprises and high costs, we therefore advise you to use one Create cost table. After that, you should find out about the Components of the possible costs Make sure your move doesn't end there to cost big bikkies becomes.

Tip: Think about how you want to move - by air or by shipping a container. When moving a container, you can move cheaply either with a full container load or with little household items with an additional load.

You should also have a make an insuranceso you don't have to worry about your belongings. To a more precise offer you can use our inquiry form. Nonetheless, we would like to give you a rough idea of ​​the cost. We have therefore presented a table of costs that you can use as a guide:

over lakeBerlin
1 room apartment6.200 – 8.300 €
2 room apartment8.300 –11.200 €
3 room apartment15.200 – 20.200 €
4 room appartment15.900 – 21.200 €

Bruuuh - that's pretty exy (German: expensive)! However, the cost is only a rough estimate. The final cost Moving to Melbourne is based on the distance and size of your move. Therefore, our relocation calculator is suitable for Determination of your moving volume. Additional factors that can affect your move can be found in the article International moving costs.

Checklist: Preparing for Moving to Melbourne

A change of scenery is an exciting adventure. But moving from Germany to Australia doesn't happen overnight. Therefore, you should if possible early with the planning start! When moving, you can sometimes lose track of everything and it also costs a lot of energy and nerves. Don't worry - our general checklist will make your move a piece of piss (German: very simple task). We also have a few for you important points that you can organize in advance:

Reputable moving company

The sooner you start looking for a moving company, the more options you have in choosing.

Note: When doing your own research on the Internet, it is common that you too black sheep crossing ways. We therefore advise you to take a close look at moving companies. This article will provide you with the details of how to expose dubious moving companies.

Still not sure? No problem, Sirelo wants to help you and that's why we've put together a list of the top of all international moving companies for you.


As a rule, the costs are lower if you emigrate halfway around the world with only a small amount of moving! So why don't you take the time to check it out Mucking out things? With the help of our complete guideline you can afterwards stress-free your Pack moving boxes.

Tip: Just don't throw out your warm clothes, Melbourne is always good for surprises! In fact, there is a chance that you will experience all four seasons in ONE DAY ...

unsubscribe residence

As soon as you turn your back on Germany, you should deregister your place of residence. You should also inform other authorities about your Notify change of address. These include, for example, the tax office, telephone and internet providers, and electricity and gas providers.

Import of your vehicle

It is entirely possible to bring your vehicle with you to Melbourne - provided the car has to at least 6 months are in your possession. You need a so-called Carnet de Passage to drive the vehicle tax and duty free to be able to introduce. It is also important that you clean your vehicle thoroughly before shipping.

Note: As you have seen, in Australia you will be driving on the wrong side - left-hand traffic. Also, obey the traffic rules because Australia is an expensive place to be. As a result, the penalties for traffic violations are very high!

More information about Visa, finance or customs are detailed on the Moving to Australia page.

Living in Melbourne

Melbourne is a very multicultural city and includes many districts. Did you know Melbourne is being renamed Batmania almost after founder John Batman? This section provides information on how to do that Life down under is and what costs you have to reckon with.

Fun fact: Melbourne has been used almost every year since 2011 "World's most liveable city"chosen!

Living down under

Before you get on the plane with your suitcase, you should think about the living situation in advance. It is in your advantage to start looking for an apartment at an early stage - these portals are ideal for this:

Below is a list where you can use the price difference can see:

Room apartmentmonthly rental costs
2 room apartment in the city center1.127,69 €
2 room apartment outside the city center911,99 €
4 room apartment in the city center2.130,06 €
4 room apartment outside the city center1.501,47 €

Note: Unlike in Germany, it is less common in Australia to rent an apartment. There the residents prefer to buy an apartment or a house directly.

Cost of living

So that you can get an idea of ​​one or the other cost in Melbourne, we have one for you based on the table Overview of the cost of living presented with the Australian average:

1l milk1,05 €1,01 €
Eggs2,99 €3,06 €
1kg chicken fillets6,95 €7,75 €
Cigarettes (20 pack)22,28 €25,59 €
Public transport monthly ticket95,51 €99,17 €
movie theater11,46 €12,80 €

Where is the best place to live in Melbourne?

Melbourne's northern suburbs

North Melbourne is considered the artist and music district because in the district Fitzroy find the Center for Contemporary Photography or Brunswick Street. Furthermore, there are often changing exhibitions in the Arts House that you can visit. In Brunswick you can walk down the lively Sydney Road with its many cafes, bars and pubs. For a little bit of Italy you can go to Carlton go and tour Little Italy on Lygon Street.

Melbourne's southern suburbs

Unlike in the northern suburbs, the highlights are in the southern South bank the Arts Center and the great Eureka Tower. in the Albert Park District you will find a park of the same name with the beautiful Albert Park Lake and the great race track. The suburb is very popular St. Kildawhere you can relax on the beach.

Looking for a job?

The job search in Melbourne is strong by the Qualifications and knowledge of English dependent. It is of course recommended that you get one before you move to Melbourne Overview of the offer To provide. If you haven't found a suitable job yet, then it is advisable enough financial cushion to have to pass the time. Below you will find both the largest and German companies in Melbourne with their sales:

The largest companies in Melbourne

CompaniesSales in billions
BHP Billiton39,50
National Australia Bank38,88
Rio Tinto29,70
ANZ Bank26,54

German company in Melbourne

CompaniesTotal sales in billions of euros
Audi Australia Pty Ltd.59,31
Infineon Technologies6,47
Daimler AG / Mercedes-Benz153,26

Good oil: Australia has the worldwide highest minimum wage with 12.24 € per hour. The average net income is around € 3,255.84 per month. Further information on careers and work in Australia can be found on the website of the German-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Did you know that the Melburnians, as the residents call themselves, successfully campaigned for the world's first 8-hour working day in 1856?

Melbourne attractions

Melbourne is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Australia. From national parks to museums, street art and sporting events - nobody remains unsatisfied here. To get a first impression, we'll tell you some sightsyou definitely have to visit.

  • Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) stadium
  • Royal Botanic Gardens
  • The City Circle Tram
  • Eureka Skydeck 88
  • Melbourne Museum
  • Port Campbell National Park
  • Federation Square
  • Queen Victoria Market
  • Shrine of Remembrance
  • Street art on Hosier Lane
  • ST Kilda - the boardwalk
  • Luna Park
  • Chinatown

In conclusion

Now that you are a Melburnians expert, a new chapter in life may well begin. But if you are still not sure whether moving is the right decision, then we recommend reading our blog “Moving Abroad - Decision Points”. We have also enclosed other articles for you.

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