Should I use social media

Why Do Companies Need Social Media Marketing?

Find the right social network

Companies should check carefully which network fits their goals and philosophy. To do this, go through the following steps:

1. Aim: What are my goals?
2. Target group: Which social media platforms is my target group active on?
3. Use: What do I want to use the social media network for?
4. Function: What tools should my platform have?

Content marketing in social media communication

For marketers, topics such as time, topicality, resources, relevance and competence will be of great importance in the future. Content has to be of high quality and relevant now in order to achieve viral success. If we look at newer platforms such as Snapchat, where content is deleted after a few minutes, time and quick reactions become more and more important. Content must therefore be well planned, but also allow spontaneity. Because content is becoming even more fast-paced, more emotional and closer to the customer. Cross-media campaigns are helpful here.

Social Media Marketing: Best Practice Examples

Here we would like to introduce you to three successful examples from practice over the past few years:
Krones AG has recognized that traditional marketing no longer works. The costs (like media costs) increase and the effectiveness (response) decreases. With the online magazine from Krones AG, all content is made available centrally on the Internet for all social media channels. The architecture system avoids getting bogged down and provides an overview and structure. The Youtube channel Krones TV is particularly impressive due to the large number of films, varied topics and multilingualism. The result of the high click rates confirms the success.
The story: An old Czech tank was melted and forged into 7,000 hammers. That was spread through TV and online commercials, advertisements, social media and online marketing. The first 150 hammers were sold on Facebook. The history of steel - from the armored personnel carrier to the finished hammer - is the core of the campaign. The video documents this process and is the basis of content marketing.

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The goal of the campaign was simple. Audi wanted to stand out from other companies and their commercials at the Superbowl. New target customers should be reached, especially young users of Generation Y and Millennials. Because today's youngsters send millions of photos and videos around on SnapChat every month. In order for the campaign to reach as many as possible on the day of the Superbowl, Audi first had to acquire SnapChat followers. This was done in four steps:
  1. Content: In the weeks leading up to the Superbowl, Audi was already spreading crazy pictures and sayings on SnapChat. A cheeky, humorous tone was decisive, which particularly appeals to the young target group.
  2. Networking: Other companies that were already popular with the target group were brought on board and joint postings were made. This expanded the range enormously.
  3. Other social meda: Audi has repeatedly drawn attention to its action at the Superbowl via conventional platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.
  4. Low tech: All Audi needed at the Superbowl was the photos and a smartphone. The pictures were already going around the world.