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An infographic shows the numerous highlights of the American internet startup, which is expected to venture onto the floor in November.

Since the short message service announced in mid-September that it had gone public, the Internet scene around the globe has been positively electrified. After all, according to financial analysts, Twitter has what it takes to be one of the biggest tech IPOs in recent years.

Compared to the world's largest social network Facebook, the micro-blogging service is still far from mainstream when it comes to key figures such as quarterly sales, active users per month and average sales per user. This was the result of a recently published analysis.

Looking back on an eventful history

In order to bridge the time until the actual IPO - according to financial circles it should take place sometime in November - here is a great review of the American company's history, although only seven years old, nonetheless.

In the form of an infographic that is really worth seeing, compiled by the American social media portal “Mashable”. It all kicked off on March 21, 2006 with the very first tweet from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey: Today it is exemplary for the start of the entire company - “just setting up my twttr”.

It continues with highlights such as the change of boss from Dorsey to Evan Williams in October 2008 or to today's CEO Dick Costolo two years later. Click twice on the infographic to enlarge it (it will get smaller the first time).

Source: Mashable

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