Has anyone ever blocked you

He blocked me - now what?


Why he blocked you and how you should proceed now!

Tired of being blocked and ignored? No more fruitless chasing, you don't have to! Here's what to do if he's blocked you.

What you need is a clear understanding of why he blocked you.

More importantly, you need a bulletproof strategy on how he'll find you irresistible! All you need is a good plan to get back in the game. Only those who know the rules of the game have a chance of winning.

In this article you will learn:

  • Causes you likely got blocked.
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • A strategy that will get you back into the game.

With this you will:

  • Avoid mistakes that will only make things worse.
  • Gain more self-confidence.
  • Achieve what you set out to do.
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He blocked me - what does that mean?

Before we clarify what to do if he's blocked you, let's first find out why.

After all, nobody blocks someone on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp for no reason.

➔ First consider whether you have blocked someone in your contact list yourself. Why did you block this person? Was it possible that you felt harassed or stressed by the person? Maybe even put under pressure?

For example, when I block someone, it's usually because that person is annoying or angry at me so much that I don't want to talk to that person anymore.

If this person doesn't upset me in any way, then I have absolutely no reason to block them.

How do you know that you have been blocked?

I want to introduce you to the most obvious signs for the platforms WahtsApp, Instagram and Facebook, where you can be pretty sure that you have been blocked.

Signs of a blockage on WhatsApp:

You can tell whether you have been blocked in WhatsApp Messenger by the following signs:

  • Just a tick after submitting your message.
  • The timestamp is no longer visible to you.
  • His / her profile picture is no longer visible.
  • Calls don't come through.

Signs of a block on Facebook:

  • There is no profile picture in the chat and the message "You cannot reply to this conversation" can be seen.
  • You can no longer find the person using the search field.
  • Have one of your friends send you the profile link. If you cannot open it, you have clearly been blocked.

Signs of a block on Instagram:

  • You can no longer follow him or her.
  • His pictures are no longer visible to you.
  • You only see the message “No images available”.
There are numerous other signs that could indicate a blockage. We have only put together the most common and clearest signs here.

Why is he blocking you? Here are the main reasons for that

He needs distance.

He blocks you e.g. E.g. on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp or Skype, because this makes it easier for him to gain distance.

He is probably currently in a phase in which he needs space and space for himself. You should allow him to do this because there may be a lot he wants to be clear about.

In most cases, men question the decision to cut off contact. Unless you stalk him and give him his privacy.

Hurt feelings.

It could also be that it is just too difficult for your ex to see your updates and photos on the social media channels.

By blocking you after your breakup, your ex made a conscious decision not to see your profile updates so as not to be constantly reminded of you and the time together.

For your ex, any memory of you or the relationship would likely make them depressed, angry, or confused. That hinders the healing process.

A way of self-discipline.

Blocking on all social media platforms could be an effective way for him to keep himself from controlling you and checking all status messages like one.

We all know how tempting it is to see what the ex has posted on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

He has another.

Of course, that's your absolute worst-case scenario. Even so, it is possible that he blocked you on all social media channels because he met someone else.

By blocking you, it is preventing you from finding out. For fear of confrontation with the new situation, it is easier for him to avoid the problem by switching to mute.

That doesn't exactly show a strong character. If that's why he's blocking you, you should let go.

Maybe at a later date he will realize what he had in you. Right now, however, there is no way you can change the situation without making it worse.

Your ex doesn't want you to contact him. These are the most common mistakes.

The first time you find out that your ex blocked you, it's a shocking experience.

Let's take a step back and think about what might have led to this decision.

  • Have you ever sent him angry or pathetic messages?
  • Did you bombard him with calls?
  • Could it be that you may have posted annoying comments under his social media posts?
  • Did you text your ex nonstop, especially if you don't get a response after a while?
  • Or did you keep begging and begging your ex to come back to you?
If you're doing or have done any of the above, then it's no surprise he blocked you. Wouldn't you also find it annoying if someone treated you like that?

To understand what he's thinking, you need to put yourself in your ex's shoes for a moment.

It might look like a very childish and impulsive act. But breakups are emotional, and people do impulsive things to help them cope with emotional stress.

Imagine you were your ex ...

Sometimes we cause certain reactions with our behaviors. In many cases, we are not even aware that our behavior may be inappropriate.

The longing, lovesickness, grief, anger and the hurt feelings do the rest. Then we often do not recognize ourselves and behave inappropriately.

Strangely, rarely do we think logically about the effects of this behavior.

So what should you do now?

First, you should stop making the situation any worse.Break contact. At least for 21 days. Leave him alone and make him miss you.

Right now, your ex is connecting you with all of the bad experiences and feelings of the recent past. What we have to do is break this unwanted association. This is the first step.

➔ The second step is to re-establish a positive connection after 21 days (not earlier!).

He's probably noticed that you have completely disappeared from the scene lately. That’s a good thing. With that you made yourself interesting and most likely made him miss you.

Now is the time to get in touch again. For example, send him a WhatsApp message that remembers a funny situation that you experienced together as neutrally as possible.

By using strategic words, you can evoke fond memories and thoughts, and gradually re-establish a positive connection in his nervous system.

Make no mistake about asking him why he blocked you. This will only result in you being ignored or upset him even more.

Give him time and space. If he is angry with you, he will not be able to think and act logically.

Over time, the anger will slowly subside. You just have to wait for the right time to get back in touch.

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Why it can be a good sign that he blocked you

By blocking you on all social media sites, including phone and email, he is deliberately breaking all communication channels. This could be a good sign for you if you want to get back together with him.

Why is that?

If he cut off contact and blocked you, he may still be interested in reconciliation.

Or maybe he has trouble overcoming the breakup.

The first case is obviously the most favorable scenario for you if you intend to win it back.

If he falls into the first category, you should expect him to get back in touch with you after a while (typically a month or two later at most).

If he falls into the second category, it most often means that your ex still has feelings for you. By avoiding all contact, he can gain distance and recover from the breakup.

Your ex absolutely doesn't want to talk to you anymore - what can you do?

This is the worst-case scenario yet. Most of the time, something happened that hurt him so badly that he decided to close for good.

Here are three of the most common reasons your ex might never want to speak to you again:

1 # You cheated on him.

If you've cheated on your ex, it justifies why he's blocking you.

He is probably very hurt by your actions and wants to forget everything that has to do with you as soon as possible.

Instead of facing all of the pain, he decides to block you in order to erase you from his life.

2 # The relationship ended in bad conditions.

If so, the reason for breaking contact could be fear of facing the situation again.

At this point, you should give your ex time to calm down.

3 # You don't accept the breakup

The third is by far the most common situation. You can't accept the breakup happened and that's why you fight desperately to win it back.

But that is anything but goal-oriented. Your goal must be to increase your attraction to him again.

By chasing after him like crazy, you're not only making yourself unattractive and needy. The maximum you can achieve is that he comes back to you out of pity. However, this kind of fresh start is doomed to failure.

How to get it back after blocking!

First of all, you should stay calm and not bother him with calls, messages or emails. Make sure to stick to the contact block. Give him the space he needs. Use this time to do something good for yourself. This not only makes you attractive to the opposite sex, but above all it helps you feel better and stronger about yourself.

These activities will help you increase your confidence

Make a list of the things you love and work through this list one by one.

Do something every day that is good for you. Here are some examples of things you can do to improve your confidence.

  • Do something with friends
  • Learn something new
  • Visit a new place
  • Buy yourself new clothes
  • Go to the hairdresser
  • Start meditating
  • Book an appointment for a professional photo shoot
  • Take a road trip
  • Take a bike tour for several days
  • Do sports
  • Devote more time to your hobby


First of all, distance is the most important thing. Even though being blocked is painful and shocking, breaking off contact completely is imperative.

For at least 21 days. After that, the waves should have smoothed out.

It is important that you use this time to work on your own self-confidence. This makes you irresistible and also makes you feel a lot better. Even if it is difficult in the first few days: hold on! It is worth it ..

What did you think of the article? Do you still have questions? Let us know in the comments!

Our cooperation partner Prof. Dr. Ludwig Schindler works as a couple counselor, psychotherapist, supervisor and coach in his own practice in Munich. Schindler is the author of numerous specialist publications and is one of the leading experts in couples therapy in German-speaking countries. He is the scientific director of the interactive online program PaarBalance.de