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Translation of "chef" in Japanese

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上司 ボ ス 主任 シ ェ フ


She reimbursed hers boss oral report.
This man is my immediate boss.
your boss seems to know everything.
boss, I need to release the suspect's description.
is? My boss extremely critical?
Well of all, you are your own boss.
This is Ken Davis, Marias boss.
Or who is the most flexible boss Has?
Do you get on well with yours boss?
My boss was forced to resign.
I hope mine boss will agree to my realistic plan.
上司が 私 の 現 実 的 な 計画 に 賛成 し て く れ る こ と を 希望 す る。
your boss, once installed, can be used.
あ な た の上司、 一度 組 み 立 て 、 使用 す る こ と が で き ま す。
Sandra, my boss needs me
This person is not afraid of that boss.
My boss was ousted from there.
I think the pit boss is watching him.
A good assistant knows exactly when you do boss lies.
And she has hers boss lied to.
My boss want me to help you.
This is Lorenzo, all right, Diego's and Ronnie's older ones boss.
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