How did wealthy Arabs get rich

Not welcome - refugees avoid rich Gulf states

For refugees from Syria, Eritrea or Afghanistan, they should actually be a worthwhile destination: the rich Gulf states such as Qatar, Oman or Saudi Arabia. But the refugees avoid them. Why?


Good jobs, good pay, get rich quick. Who does not want that? So it would make sense for refugees - especially from the Arab region - to settle in one of the rich Gulf states. But the poor refugees from Syria don't want them at all. The sheikhs and autocratic rulers in these countries fear too many problems when the migrants enter the country. The fears and reservations are too great. Europe should rather mess with them, as this cartoon shows, which caused a sensation on Twitter.



No trace of Muslim brotherly help

The Gulf States have set the hurdles for immigration extra high: steep prices for a visa and other immigration fees. Unless the refugee is rich himself, possibly bringing money with him for investments. Then he is welcome.


"Class book"

Prof. Nassehi is co-editor of the quarterly cultural magazine "Kursbuch", which deals with socio-political issues. It is currently in the 183rd issue with the title "Where to flee?" on the subject of refugees. The magazine will be published on September 4th.

Because the Gulf States are very strongly controlled by investments, so Armin Nassehi, sociology professor at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich. You would have a booming economy. Therefore it is clear that they are happy to take the rich refugees, but not others. Doctors, engineers and other specialists are very welcome. "Potential employers then ensure that the visa and entry fees, some of which are immensely high, are paid."Anyone who says that has to know, but wants to remain anonymous because he is heavily involved in the construction of an airport in Dubai, among other things.


Money, money, money

The British television broadcaster BBC also stated in a report on the subject that anyone who wants to go to a rich oil country on the Gulf needs a lot of money: "There is a widespread opinion that many Gulf states have unwritten laws To get a visa. "
Nassehi, however, rejects the argument that the Gulf States feared they would become the target of terrorist attacks: "That's a paranoid argument. If you come for terrorist reasons, you can do it even if there are three more passport controls."


Way out Europe

But the Gulf States do not have to worry so much that massive numbers of refugees are pouring into the countries. According to Nassehi, they tend to avoid these countries because they know how things work here: exploitation and oppression are the order of the day. "It is not a rule of law, as in Europe. Just think of the Indian workers who were more or less disenfranchised in Qatar as workers in the construction of the football stadiums for the World Cup. These are not attractive destinations for the refugees either. You don't even want to go there.


And so most Syrians and other rather destitute refugees only have hope in Germany. And that seems to be limitlessly optimistic.