Are you really happy in life

Are you satisfied with your life

Are you happy? Finding out what really moves us deeply is not always easy. One of the barriers that keep us from doing this is the fact that we don't ask ourselves some simple questions. But these very questions can help us to see how satisfied we are with our life.

Last update: 06 August, 2019

You are certainly aware that there is no such thing as total happiness. Rather, happiness and contentment are a path that you consciously choose in your life. And that is exactly what we want to talk about in today's article. When you are satisfied and happy with your life, it means that most of the time you feel good and enjoy what you are doing.

Feelings of happiness and contentment arise from a dynamic process. Because we develop better while moving than when standing still.

Start each day by planning your day and setting goals for yourself. If necessary, you should be flexible and adapt them and improvise once in a while. So you can and will go to bed in the evening satisfied look back on a beautiful day. It's also important that you have a routine or ritual to end the day with.

The kind of happiness you will feel at the same time could be described as serene euphoria. Knowing that your life is moving forward will make you very satisfied overall. It doesn't matter whether things develop quickly or slowly. It is important that you continuously develop and progress.

Many people are often not really aware of their inner state of mind. If you want to know if you are happy and satisfied with your life, then you will ask a lot of questions. It is also necessary that you answer these questions honestly. You can compare the process to inspecting your car using a checklist.

You should keep checking and questioning your emotional state. This allows you to strengthen yourself and, if necessary, make certain adjustments and changes in your life.

How often do you complain about your current life?

You should really ask yourself this question on a regular basis. The goal is not that you should ignore the things that you don't like. Rather, you can use this question to find out whether and why you keep complaining about the same things. If you can identify these issues, then you will understand which aspects of your life you may need to change.

The causes of ongoing complaints are often frustration, discomfort, or subjectively perceived injuries. Those who whine and complain very often are trying to relieve inner tension. However, you have the opposite effect. Instead of releasing your tension through this complaint you deal with the negative aspects of your life even more often. Because you pay so much attention to them, they will only intensify.

When you are in this complaint mode, you have two options: either you accept the situation as it is, or you do something to change the situation.

Unfortunately, there are also situations in life in which we cannot simply move out of the unpleasant situation. In such cases you have to try to accept the situation as it is. Then you can start analyzing them. This will allow you to see what you can learn from it for yourself. Then you can turn to other issues in life again.

Are you satisfied with your social environment?

This question is not easy to answer, because we cannot always choose all the people with whom we have contact in life. Especially in a professional environment, it can happen that you have to work with people who are not necessarily on your wavelength. However, this can also happen to you within your own family.

This is exactly why it is so important that you learn to create an emotional filter for yourself that will make it easier for you to deal with toxic people. When you begin to see the impact other people have on you and your emotions, you will get a lot of benefit from it.

It will help you get in touch with them without negatively affecting your emotional balance. This will help you differentiate yourself from them. It will also make it much easier for you to accept that not everyone harmonizes with you or suits you.

It is just as important that you surround yourself with people who suit you. If you are authentic and stay true to yourself, then the right people will come into your life. Make sure to take care of your friends too, because they are the ones you can show yourself to without a mask. When you are completely yourself, your true friends will support you in everything you do and you will enjoy spending time together.

What exactly makes you really happy and satisfied in your life?

Sometimes we get carried away and lose ourselves in beautiful memories of the past. Or we are constantly thinking about how our life will be in the future.

It is then all too easy to forget that life only takes place in the present. And so it pays to fully live and enjoy every moment of life. When we live in the here and now and enjoy this time, we create the beautiful memories that we will have in the future.

Let yourself be enchanted once again by a great book or maybe you will enjoy preparing your favorite dishes in the kitchen for a whole afternoon. You could also take a long walk and enjoy all the beautiful details in nature. Or you just watch the movie that you've wanted to see for so long.

A pleasant moment means something different for each of us. This is why it is so important that you realize what things make you happy and content. If you spend as many such moments as possible for yourself, then you will be able to find out how beautiful the life you are leading right now is.

Try to do as many things as you can that you enjoy. This will also make it easier for you to distance yourself from the many problems or obstacles that we all have in our lives. The more you enjoy the little beautiful moments in life, the more weight they will gain for you over time.

Final thoughts

Your inner radiance has little to do with optimism. People who smile or shine from within for no apparent reason do so because they feel a lot of joy within themselves.

This joy and serenity comes from an inner peace that such people have within them. In doing so, they are aware that they are not perfect. But they do everything to live as satisfied and balanced as they can.

In addition, they also like to spend time with themselves. In addition, satisfied people rarely compare themselves to other people. Inner happiness and contentment means above all that you are true to yourself and live authentically.

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