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RankingThese are the 10 most respected professions

If you think of jobs with a lot of prestige, you think of a high income, a high level of awareness and demanding tasks. The current Forsa analysis shows that for a job with a high reputation you don't always have to be a top earner or a specialist.

On behalf of the DBB Beamtenbund and Tarifunion, the opinion research institute surveyed citizens aged 14 and over on various topics in May and June 2019. The survey participants were asked to rate whether they enjoyed a high or low reputation for 34 occupational groups. Forsa created a ranking based on their answers.

Since 2007, the opinion research institute has published once a year which jobs are particularly respected among the population - and which are not. Traditionally, social professions in particular have the edge. At the bottom of the ranking are insurance agents (eight percent), employees of an advertising agency (ten percent) and employees of a telephone company (13 percent). These ten professions, on the other hand, are represented in the top positions:

These are the ten most respected professions

# 10 University professorship

Around 71 percent of those surveyed attribute a high reputation to university professors. With only one point ahead of the teaching profession in eleventh place, the group just managed to make it into the ten most prestigious professions. The reason for the performance are decent losses since 2018: the value in the ranking has lost around five percentage points. After all: ninth place has also lost a lot of respect. The university professors were able to halve their gap of four percentage points.

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# 9 pilots

The greatest loss of reputation among those surveyed in 2019 was recorded by pilots: 71 percent of those surveyed - around seven percent less than in 2018 - attributed a high reputation to the professional group. In the ranking of the most respected professions, it is therefore down one place to ninth.

Garbage collection

Spending the whole working day with garbage cans and garbage is not necessarily everyone's dream job. Perhaps that is precisely why garbage collection jobs are so highly regarded by those surveyed. With 72 percent, the professional group made it to eighth place - and thus moved up one place compared to the previous year.

# 7 Judge's office

In court hearings and trials, your judgment is all that matters. Despite their special role, judges only land in seventh place with their profession. At 78 percent, they are still well ahead of garbage disposal, while the occupational group falls short of sixth place by two percentage points. Compared to the previous year, however, the judge's office has caught up: Four percentage points separated it from sixth place.