Who says think what you want

Do you know what you want

Since I was around 20, I have had a question that keeps coming up at regular intervals:

What do I actually want?

I don't mean decisions like red wine or white wine. Or vacation in India or Bali. Interestingly, I am extremely decisive in these little things. The great ambiguity in my head likes to show itself with the big issues in life:

What should I actually study? Which job is right for me? Which yoga training should I do? Do i want children? What is actually my mission in this world? And so on.

The answer is often: I don't know. A lot of fat question marks in my head

Some questions have now become superfluous. My studies were long behind me, and I've made good progress on my professional journey as well. But I rarely had the feeling: “Yes. That's 100 percent! ”. For example, I never felt: "Yes, I really want to be a PR consultant!" or "I am a born literary scholar!"

Don't get me wrong, my time as a student in Munich was sensationally good. I really liked my studies and my life around it. My job in the PR agency was okay too. But the exciting thing is: Even today, when I do a lot of what I always wanted back then - teaching yoga, organizing retreats and workshops, running a successful blog, working as a journalist - there is this quiet voice that says: “There there is more for you to discover! ”. I always thought that at some point this feeling of arriving would have to arise. That the internal navigation system says Congratulations. You reached your goal!

But puff cake: there is always something new happening.

I keep developing, new people and new topics come into my life and keep making sure that everything suddenly turns 180 degrees.

Do you know that? The vague feeling of being on the lookout?

Not knowing what it should be but knowing that the current situation isn't? Or do you think that once I've achieved this or that, then I'll have reached my goal?

Then I have a message for you:

The route is the goal! Try to love him.

Totally trite and so true. The goal can change any second. The trick to contentment is to love the way. So what you see right now at the moment.

Your Monday mantra: I accept what life gives me!

If you accept what is right now, then you will find answers. Learn to love the questions. Without looking for the answer. The thing about living in the here and now is this Game changer. Enter the ignorance when the answers are not there; embrace the chaos in your head and everything will change. Because that is not always easy, today I am sharing my best and specially tested strategies with you for more confidence in life.

Book recommendation: The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul

Danielle LaPorte, my great role model, had a really good one some time ago Workbook written that helps you to gain clarity about your desires and to bring them into reality. I will work through it again soon. I can you The Desire Map* really recommend it.

My 5 tips for your trip

1. Have the courage to try yourself out and enjoy

I got this ingenious exercise from Abby Wynne*, one of my favorite healers, learned: Imagine you're in an American supermarket that has lots of great things. You don't know half of the products.
Can you buy it all at once? Probably not without your own truck. Are you overwhelmed and leave without buying anything? Maybe, but if you're hungry, this may not be the best choice.

So how about putting some familiar groceries in your shopping basket and trying a few new ones? The next time you go shopping, you will test others. Always take what you feel like doing at the moment. At some point you will find that you put certain products in your basket over and over again. And at some point, you may know that all you really want is an avocado bread with sea salt.

2. Find your spirit sisters

It totally helps me to know that I am not alone on my way. Even recommend the yogic scriptures Satsang, that is, fellowship with other spiritual seekers, as a decisive step on the way to enlightenment. Exchanges with my loved ones are balm for my soul. If you don't have any people in your environment with whom you can exchange ideas, use Online communities, Facebook groups and treat yourself to trips every now and then Workshops or Retreats.

3. Take time for yourself

However, don't forget to take a rest and withdraw to yourself. How else are you supposed to know what yours are and what others are demanding of you? How you do it is up to you: meditate, stare in the air, jog, read a book, go for a walk in the forest. It is only important that you leave the world outside and devote yourself entirely to yourself and your inner being. In my Monday mantras “I'm quiet” and “The thing about saying no” you will find valuable inspiration on the subject.

4. Don't confuse accepting with watching

Very important. Accepting things doesn't mean letting life go through you. You can design. If you don't like something, take action. Often the path leads to your dream life, about changing what you don't like. Think again about the supermarket: You only know that you want avocado bread because you tried cookies with peanuts, frozen pizza and banana milk beforehand.

5. Trust in your common thread

If we don't consistently ignore the voice of our heart, nothing can go wrong anyway. There is this red thread that runs through your life. Trust it. The universe means well to you.

So let yourself be guided this week by the question: What does this situation tell me about myself and my life? Leave the others out. Accept what is and explore what you can learn from the scenario.

On the whole I can say that I find my life pretty good the way it is. I am also grateful that there is always something new to come. Imagine if you were “finished” at some point. How boring would that be? I am curious what you have to say on the subject. Share it in the comments or on Facebook.

If you think this amount will help someone else: Spread the word!

Happy Monday,
Your Rebecca

Title picture © Evan Dennis via Unsplash

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