Dogs understand the concept of cars

Obligatory or not: liability protection for dog owners

Every dog ​​owner should insure their four-legged friend - no matter how big or small the dog is or how hard it can bite. Because even the best-behaved and cutest four-legged friend can cause undreamt-of financial damage with a small mishap.

Would you like an example?
Your dog chases after a cat, running into the street and right in front of a car. The driver can barely evade, but the heroic rescue of your dog is rewarded with an abrupt end of the journey at the next lantern. The car is junk, the street lamp is damaged and the driver was injured in the impact.

The case law knows no mercy in this case. As a dog owner, you are liable for all damage that your four-legged friend is responsible for. It doesn't matter whether your dog is nibbling on your friend's sofa, urinating on your wealthy aunt's expensive oriental rug or biting the craftsman's leg. Without insurance cover, personal injuries in particular can result in claims that threaten the existence of the dog owner.
The same applies to tariffs with too low a sum insured. If there are any residual claims after the settlement by the insurer, you as the holder must be liable with your private assets. A sufficiently high coverage is therefore one of the most important criteria when choosing the right liability insurance for your pet. Further advantages of high-performance tariffs are, for example, the waiver of the obligation to wear a leash or muzzle, participation in dog shows, races and tournaments as well as the free insurance of puppies up to 12 months of age. K&M combines all these strengths and many more in the allsafe amigo dog owner liability insurance.

Dog owner liability insurance is already mandatory in six federal states. There every dog ​​from the age of three or six months must be insured without any ifs or buts. In principle, the ordinance on leading and keeping dogs is always regulated at the state level. In some federal states, liability insurance is still voluntary, in others it is only compulsory for certain breeds, animals that have already become conspicuous or for dogs of a certain size.
Regardless of where you live with your dog, dog schools, pet sitters, dog walkers and dog hotels almost always require liability insurance for your pet. For so-called List dogs liability insurance is mandatory throughout Germany with a few exceptions, as the legislature classifies these animals as a greater risk factor.

In summary, there is no good reason not to take out dog owner liability insurance.

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