How can sound travel through a vacuum?

Gollenz Physics 2, workbook

27 Research and name several animals that use the suction hook effect in Exercise 46.2. Explain why the lid of the jar is stuck after cooling, if it is properly sealed with a rubber ring. Why can a hovercraft “float” over water? Explain why a “Sweden bomb” (chocolate kiss) inflates in a vacuum as in Fig. 46.6. Name several sources of sound that you come across in the course of a day. Tick: How is sound transmitted through the air? a) The sound source creates waves in the air through movement. b) The sound source emits sound beams. c) The sound source generates a sound gas. d) Sound particles flow from the sound source to the ear. Sound propagation a) is possible in a vacuum. b) not possible. Does the can phone shown in Fig. 48.2 work? Give reasons for your answer: Tick the correct sentences: a) In a sound wave, the particles in the air (apart from the movement of heat) are at rest. b) In a sound wave, the particles in the air move back and forth in the direction of the sound. c) In the case of a sound wave, the compressions and dilutions of the air move on. 46.3 Fig. 46.3 Fig. 46.6 Sweden bomb in a vacuum 46.4 46.5 46.6 47 The origin of sound 47.1 47.2 48 Sound conduction and speed of sound 48.1 48.2 Fig. 48.2 Can telephone 48.3 For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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