How can I learn SQL quickly


SQL is short for Structured Query Language and is a database language for defining, querying and manipulating data in relational databases. Anyone who works with databases should be able to use SQL, which means precisely knowing and being able to use SQL commands. Compared to high-level programming languages ​​such as C ++, SQL has a relatively simple syntax. Many "SQL commands" are based on the English colloquial language. For example, you can use the two simple English words: CREATE TABLE to create a table, just as the two words suggest.

With the SQL commands a distinction is made between the commands for Data definition (DDL), i.e. to define or change the database design and the Data manipulation, the commands for data processing. We have subordinated the respective commands to these two categories in the left menu. All commands are explained in detail. The general SQL command syntax is followed by a syntax with an example table or with example data.

You can either go through all the explanations of the SQL commands from top to bottom and understand them practically, or you can pick out the command you want to find out more about.

But that's enough of the introduction, now it's your turn. Learn SQL