How to clean dirty grapes

Dirty rump - what to do?

Adhesion, feces or urine on the anogenital area

Many diseases lead to diarrhea, increased excretion of appendix or incontinence / wetting. As a result, the genital area is completely soiled and stuck together or matted.

Rabbits must be checked regularly to ensure that this area remains clean.

A gentle form of hindquarters control is to look at this area when hobbling or when the rabbit is relaxed and stretching its hind legs away; this works stress-free without lifting.

Rabbits with dirt or wet fur are at increased risk of fly maggot infestation in the summer months.The cause must be found and eliminated quickly, the genital area kept very clean and the animal protected from fly maggot infestation with temporary indoor housing or fly screens. The genital area should then be examined carefully at least twice a day, cleaned if necessary, and checked for fly maggots. These are especially hidden in the pockets to the right and left of the genitals, but also at the base of the tail.

The right care if the rear part is dirty

Should there be any soiling, carefully cut the coarsest with a small, not injected (!) pair of scissors (attention: never injure the genitals!) and sit the rabbit with the rear part in a bowl (fill with lukewarm water and soap or even better golden soft soap). The rabbit should never be bathed all over its body, unless it is really completely soiled, which only happens in seriously ill, neglected rabbits. Make sure that the animal remains seated with its rear end in the bowl so that the crusts can soak (put a towel over its head, hold it tight, offer food, put it in a small box, etc.). After a short soaking time, the genital area can be washed with a wet cloth, encrustations loosened and dried. After drying, it must first wait in a warm, not drafty place until the area is dry again, otherwise it will catch a cold. A hair dryer can also be used to help (attention: keep your distance to the animal!)

When the worst incrustations are gone, you can clean the dirt with baby wipes every day, so that a more thorough cleaning is less necessary. Too frequent washing leads to skin inflammation! We have had very good experiences with these flea combs when matting in the anogenital area is to be loosened.

Clean genitalia