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Dual citizenship


In general, Austrian citizenship law does not permit dual or multiple citizenships. This principle is only broken in certain special cases.

Acquisition of foreign citizenship by Austrians

Anyone who voluntarily acquires a foreign citizenship, loses thereby basically the Austrian citizenship. In order not to lose Austrian citizenship, permission to retain it must be applied for in writing before acquiring foreign citizenship and approved with a written notification.

The retention of Austrian citizenship is granted if this

  • is in the interest of the Republic of Austria or
  • is justified with a reason particularly worthy of consideration in the private and family life of the applicant (e.g. expected significant professional impairment) and Austrian citizenship was acquired at birth or
  • in the case of minors, is in the best interests of the child.


The approval of the retention must be given before applying for the foreign citizenship, otherwise the Austrian citizenship will be lost.

The citizenship department of the respective office of the state government is responsible for granting the retention of citizenship.

Acquisition of Austrian citizenship by foreigners

Anyone who acquires Austrian citizenship by awarding it, loses thereby basically the foreign citizenship. If the previous home law does not provide for the automatic loss of citizenship upon acceptance of Austrian citizenship, Austrian citizenship is guaranteed first. Thereafter, the person concerned must have their previous citizenship within two years in order to obtain Austrian citizenship afterwards.

Only if the granting of Austrian citizenship is in the special interest of the Republic of Austria (granting in the interests of the state) because of the extraordinary achievements already performed by the foreigner and expected from him / her, Austria waives the departure from the previous state association.

The citizenship department of the respective office of the provincial government is responsible for granting Austrian citizenship.

Dual citizenship for children

Are the parents married, the child acquires Austrian citizenship at birth if one of the parents is an Austrian citizen.

Are the parents not married and is just that father If the child is an Austrian citizen, but the mother is a citizen of another country, the child acquires Austrian citizenship through descent if the öAustrian father within 8 weeks has either recognized paternity after the birth or his paternity has been determined by a court. Paternity can also be recognized before the child is born. If only the mother is an Austrian citizen, the child will acquire Austrian citizenship at the time of birth.

If the principle of descent also applies in the foreign parent's country of origin (as in Austria), the child is Dual citizen. According to Austrian law, the child must be of legal age Not decide for a nationality - however, the other state may ask for a decision.

Legal bases

i.a. §§ 10 Paragraph 6, 28Staatsbürgerschaftsgesetz (StbG)

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