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Quora question portal: Hackers get data from 100 million users

Unknown persons have obtained personal data from users of the Quora question portal. Up to 100 million users are affected. But there is also good news.

Approximately 100 million users of the Quora question portal have been victims of a hacker attack. Unknown people got hold of personal information of the users. Quora reports this in a blog post.

According to the portal, strangers obtained information such as the name, email address and passwords of the users. The attackers also obtained data such as interactions with questions, comments or direct messages to other users.

Encrypted passwords

The incident was noticed on November 30th. According to its own information, Quora has notified the security authorities. In addition, affected users were notified by email. Anyone who could be affected has also been logged out of their account and has to change their password.

The group also reports that all passwords have been saved in encrypted form. Passwords should be protected from unauthorized access. However, this also depends on the type of encryption. Quora advises in the blog post not to use the same password for multiple platforms and to change the password if necessary. Read here how to create a secure password.

Almost 200 million users

On Quora, users can ask questions or answer questions from other users. Sometimes there are also celebrities who interact with the community. For example, experts from Google or Facebook.

The service started in the US in 2009, is free and is currently available in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German. According to the company, almost 200 million people worldwide visit the site every month.