Why is digital marketing saturated in 2020

Digital Marketing Trends 2021: "Content never goes out of style!"

The corona pandemic is providing a digital boost on all fronts. Will that also change digital marketing? Edith Biedermann, Head of Integrated Multi Channel Marketing at Bayer Vital, gives us her assessment and gives us an initial insight into which topics will occupy the industry in 2021.

Health Relations: 2020 was part of the podcast. How do you rate this format: is the market saturated or will the podcast also be one of the digital marketing trends in 2021?

Edith Biedermann: The podcast is very suitable for presenting complex topics in a simple manner or for bringing expert discussions or opinions closer. It was implemented as an additional format for doctor communication at Bayer. Our Covid-19 podcast had a great response. We learn: Content is king - then the channels also work, regardless of whether they are podcasts or other formats.

Nevertheless, the podcast has clear advantages over other formats: it is not tied to a location in order to record or convey relevant information and, unlike videos, it is easy to understand even without a picture. This makes it a further contact option for doctors, but of course requires appropriate communication via the field service or marketing. The interaction with the doctors can also be increased, for example by including them in the choice of topic or by taking part in recordings of discussions or the like.

Health Relations: You said it: content is king. Keyword rich media. Will it stay that way in 2021?

Edith Biedermann: Content never goes out of style! When the content is right, you enjoy looking at things. We all know that from other areas. If I'm interested in fitness topics, I'm more open to channels that offer me information about them. Regardless of whether these are then conveyed by email, as a podcast, webinar, via the field service, etc.

Health Relations: OK, that's the base. In summary from your point of view: Which channels will be indispensable in digital marketing in 2021?

Edith Biedermann: Podcast and e-mail, be it via the field service or centrally. Webinars and webcasts, virtual events e.g. B. via zoom, social media, especially Instagram and Youtube, remote eDetailing and self eDetailing as well as telemedicine.

Health Relations: Which content formats will dominate digital marketing in 2021?

Edith Biedermann: Corona will continue to dominate the content landscape; however, other topics are now increasingly coming to the fore. It will be important to install more and more additional services and not just focus on the product itself. Tools only work when they convey benefits and are fed with the right content. No matter how many webinars and podcasts I can offer, if the content doesn't fit, it won't find a buyer. I also assume that we have shifted from classic marketing activities to digital activities. There will be fewer F2F events and more virtual events instead. The video consultation hours for doctor-patient discussions will also get a new dynamic.

Health Relations: Which developments will also shape digital marketing in 2021?

Edith Biedermann: Based on data, we will understand better and better what our customers want. Similar to Netflix, which regularly analyze the needs and habits of their customers based on their own comprehensive customer data and profiles in order to understand: What kind of content do our customers want, via which information channel and at what time this information should be shared. This is exactly where pharmaceutical marketing will develop - not that we will become the next Netflix. We can't and don't have to. However, we will get better and better at understanding our data and analyzes and use them to generate targeted customer campaigns and customer approaches.