How do I apply an answer

Why did you apply to us? 9 good answers from the coach

Warning: negative examplee

  • "I live nearby, that's very practical for me. ",

  • "The job advertisement sounded as formulated for me, it's okay.",

  • "The pay this is supposed to be great, I've heard that there is even a Christmas bonus, isn't that right? "

When asked in an interview, your answer should never be:

  • "Why are you applying with us of all people? "or

  • "Why do you want this place? "or

  • "Why you are interested in the position actually really? "

But how can you get one better answer to formulate this classic question in application and job interviews (here: 100 questions)?

Which tactical considerations bring you much closer to the desired new employment contract?

And how do you convince yours Interlocutor on the company side really?

Application: Why this position?

As a general rule, you should answer this question as well as any other question in job or telephone interviews great freedom of designm that you can - and should - actively use to your advantage.

Take advantage of experience from our more than 25 years of coaching practice and use ours "Five point" formula.

Then you can always respond fluently to these, but also to similar questions with comprehensible and credible arguments.

Tactics: five starting points

If you calmly let the difficult question “Why did you apply for this position?” Sink in, you will find that here, actually Not

  1. after this Companies,

  2. according to your personal strengths,

  3. according to your professional preferences,

  4. according to your Industry experience,

  5. or according to yours current employer.

is asked.

After all, the question is not right now

  1. What are you interested in our Companies?,

  2. Where do you see yours personal strengths?

  3. Where are yours professional preferences?

  4. How extensive is yours Industry experience? or

  5. What do you like about your current employer?

Free choice

But although the real question is, "Why did you apply for this position?" enable you to do the just listed five points of contactto answer very flexibly.

1. Top employer

Instead of addressing the requirements of the new position directly, you could first emphasize that you have known the company as an attractive employer for a long time.

  1. "I applied because I was really impressed by the company's good reputation in the industry. Then I saw the job advertisement and I really wanted to take my chance and present my strengths and experiences."

  2. "One of the main reasons is your innovative products. I don't want to work in any company, but ..."

  3. "The opportunity to work in a company with a pronounced customer and service orientation appealed to me very much, so ..."

2. My strengths

Or refer to yours now personal strengths.

Provide specific examples of how you can use them successfully in everyday work. Use specific examples to make it clear in which way the new employer will benefit from yours

  1. Enthusiasm,

  2. quick comprehension,

  3. Creativity,

  4. Self-motivation,

  5. Willingness to learn,

  6. Solution orientation,

  7. Agility,

  8. Flexibility or

  9. Customer focus.

will benefit. Ideally, your answer is based on required personal characteristics from the job advertisement.

3. I can

You can continue in your answer to your professional preferences address, for example, the tasks that you have always enjoyed doing. This is less about personal skills and more about very specific professional tasks. It goes without saying that these tasks and activities should be closely related to the job posting.

4. Industry professional

You can also access your many years of industry experience refer and explain how the company will benefit from it. Applicants who have worked in the same industry for several years can pursue these starting points in particular.

5. Constructive team player

And last but not least, you can optionally choose your current employer bring them into conversation.

This tactic is useful, among other things, when jobs are being cut. In such a case, applicants who have been terminated by the company can give examples of what they liked at their current employer.

For example the nice team, the supportive colleagues, the good exchange of information between the departments or the mutual achievement of goals. Emphasize that you are sure that you will continue to work productively and with colleagues at your new employer in the future.

Always: three reasons for the job

It is very helpful if in your answer you argue directly from the requirements of the new position. You shouldn't just name a single requirement or work item. Include at least three reasons that you think speak for you in your answer.

You can do this by picking up key keywords and key terms from the job advertisement and integrating them into your answers and your self-presentation in the interview.

  1. structured job interview

  2. competency-based interview

  3. Interview manager

  4. Self-presentation

  5. own questions to new employers

  6. Assessment center

  7. Executive assessment

Custom-fit applicants

Give concrete and credible examples of when and where you have already dealt with the requirements formulated in the job advertisement.

Ideally, make it clear that you have already met the requirements of the new employer in your current job. Because the applicants are most convincing in job interviews, which make it clear that the new position is, in principle, a consistent continuation of the completion of already known tasks.

Answer Head of Logistics

“First of all, I looked at the job advertisement and I am of the opinion that the areas of responsibility and areas of responsibility listed fit my professional strengths and my experience very well. Because I have a total of twelve years of professional experience, five of which as a logistics employee and seven years as a supply chain manager.

My experience in the field of logistics ranges from the creation of quantity and production planning to the acquisition of key figures to the effective use of logistics tools. Since, as you requested, I have already managed many special promotions for retail chains, I know how large quantities can be brought to customers in a short time and in a qualitatively appealing manner. "

Answer specialist