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Medical professions

Medical professions - an overview

Do you want a job that enables you to heal people or to help them lead a healthier, better way of life? Then find out more about medical professions or healthcare professions with us. While you take on jobs such as medical assistant, pharmaceutical technical assistant or nurse with the help of an apprenticeship, many professions in medicine require a degree.

A classic occupation in the medical field is the doctor. In this position you can not only get started as a general practitioner, but also have numerous opportunities to specialize, for example as a neurologist, surgeon or gynecologist. If obstetrics is an appealing area for you, the job of midwife is also an option for you. With the Veterinary Medicine degree, you have the option of focusing on animals instead of people.

As a psychotherapist, you primarily focus on the psyche of a person and how it works and support your clients in recognizing their own blockages and being able to participate in social life again. The job of the forensic scientist is exciting, in which you analyze the DNA traces of a crime scene in the laboratory, for example. If you would like to work with medicines, the job of pharmacist suits you well. After your studies, there are basically many positions open to you in the medical field.