How does it work to get games from Steam

Play your Steam games on your smartphone, tablet, TV or other PC.
Whether from the sofa at home or on the go: With the freshly optimized control options for hundreds of top titles, you can play your PC games anywhere and anytime.
Many Steam games have already been optimized for your devices.
One of many Steam games that you can now play with
Play Anywhere
You can use Steam Link to connect to any Steam-enabled computer. For best performance, use 5 GHz Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection.
Many popular Bluetooth controllers, including the Steam Controller, are compatible. You can also use the touch controls.
and stream games to iOS and Android devices, Apple TV, Android TV, and more.
on demanding titles on low-performance systems and non-natively supported operating systems.
right where you left off.
Just play on another PC or laptop by logging into Steam on both computers. Then go to your Steam library and start streaming from one device to the other.
One of many Steam games that you can now play with
Play Anywhere
Remote play from PC to PC
works too
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on another PC or laptop on Steam.
Use remote play
by streaming your game from the Steam library.
Yes you can with Remote Play
play together and everywhere!
The functions of Remote Play can be used together! Remote players can even play a multiplayer game on the go while a host PC is playing the game.
Accept a friend's invitation through the Steam mobile chat app to join the game on your mobile device. The game will then start using the Steam Link app for mobile devices as described above.
The remote play technologies enable real-time video encryption over a custom network protocol for low latency.
When playing via remote play, the video and audio are sent from your host PC to another device. Remote input and multiplayer voice chat are sent back to the host PC within milliseconds.
For the best gaming experience, adjust your streaming resolution and bitrate using the advanced settings. For 5 GHz networks, we aim for a resolution of at least 1080p and 60 FPS and good quality in most scenes. Do you have a high-performance gaming configuration, a wired network, and a very good client device? Then you can even stream in 4K at 60 FPS!