Can a genius be happy

What is happiness actually?

What is happiness actually?

Brain, -e (n.) - the organ in the head of a person or animal with which he / it thinks

Exploration, -en (f.) - the scientific investigation

get on the track of something - here: understand a little better

short term - short; not for a long time (also: briefly)

feel - feel something

longer term - so that something lasts a long time

Attitude, -en (f.) - here: the setting; the opinion; Behaviour

genetic predisposition (f.) - the fact that someone has inherited certain characteristics from their parents (here also: the genetic make-up)

Property, -en (f.) - the feature; the character; the peculiarity

to shape someone / something - strongly influence someone / something

Hormone, -e (n.) - a substance that is formed in the body and controls processes in the body

to pour something out - here: be such that something suddenly arises in the body

Neurotransmitter, - (m.) - a hormone that causes information to be sent from one nerve cell to the next

pain relieving - so that something decreases the feeling of pain

measurable - so that you can measure something and express it in numbers

Activity, -en (f.) - here: the fact that something becomes active or shows a change

visible - so that you can see something

to find out | something - understand something better after examining it carefully

Teamwork (n., Singular only) - here: the perfect collaboration

to trace something back to something - see something as a reason for something