Where can I donate leftover food

Donate, swap or give away the rest of the food

The opened muesli, the cheese close to the best before date (BBD) or leftover fruit and vegetables can be saved from the bin and at the same time help other people. Saving food is now widespread. A variety of initiatives offer different ways to donate or give away leftover food.

Which food can be donated?

Whether frozen products, canned food, fresh fruit or vegetables: food donations can include all conceivable product groups. Food close to the best before date or bread from the day before can also be handed in. Some institutions also take products that have passed their best-before date. However, these should be specially marked so that they can be used up quickly.
The situation is different with foods that have a use-by date. Meat or sausage products whose use-by date has passed may no longer be passed on or consumed for health reasons.
Open or opened goods such as corn flakes packs, sugar bags and rice bags can then be donated if they have been stored protected from dust, moisture and insects.

Where can I hand in groceries?

Social institutions such as the food banks or initiatives of the large social associations (e.g. Caritas, Volkssolidarit├Ąt, Red Cross, AWO and Diakonie) help those in need with food. Whether soup kitchens for the homeless, supplies to refugee homes or social markets: Leftover food becomes doubly valuable when it benefits poor people.
In addition, many independent initiatives and associations have been founded in recent years that pursue a common goal: Saving food. Established nationwide z. B. www.foodsharing.de. Food baskets can be given away via the internet platform or food savers can be made available in fair-divider refrigerators.
In large cities, more and more trading rings for the distribution of food are being formed. Contact z. B. at www.tauschring.de to save food in your neighborhood.
Contact details of smaller, regional and private institutions are usually entered in the local business directory.