How smart is MCU Iron Man

Why is Tony Stark so arrogant in the MCU?

Tony Stark is arrogant in every MCU movie; It's an important part of his character. In fact, many male MCU protagonists are arrogant (i.e. Star Lord and Dr. Strange, as well as Stark).

Tony Stark is arrogant because he's incredible incredible is rich and has been all his life. This makes you believe that you can do anything (or at least do anything for you) because you can usually do anything with enough money.

Second, Stark is an exceptional inventor / mechanic. That stems from the fact that he was able to make the first Iron Man suit almost by himself (only had a little help from Yinsen), not to mention that he was trapped in a cave with only a few scrap pieces available [ this happens during the first part of the Iron man Films]. This would also boost everyone's self-esteem: Even without his money, Tony could make a living and possibly use his skills and a little innovation to start a new business should Stark Industries fail (which is extremely unlikely).

Stark's heroic achievements as Iron Man also likely improved his opinion of his own greatness. (This could have been one reason he entered the world at the end of the first Iron man Films revealed its secret identity.)

It is worth noting, however, that as his story progresses in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Stark's large ego wanes somewhat, and he realizes that his selfishness causes serious problems for others. (This realization can be seen in all of Iron Man and Avengers' films, to the point where at Avengers: Infinity War Stark's narcissism is almost gone - except when conflicted with Strange as both are arrogant leaders who don't take kindly to learn what to do.)


Good answer, although some references could make this answer even better

Thorsten S.

In addition, the films show the cartoon character very carefully; He was and is real the conceited Story arc. In the comics, when something he believes in that it function should , he is very upset ("This is impossible"), he often declines to help and if you really want to shock him, just outsmart him. It was very funny when Dr. Doom (who is just as smart and arrogant as Iron Man) and Iron Man fought that so much selfish weight should have exceeded the earth's crust at one time.


(In a cave with a box of junk)