How much did Google pay for Aardvark


This content was published on September 5th, 2011 - 6:32 am

NEW YORK (awp international) - After the start of its Facebook challenger Google+, Google is closing another ten services in order to join forces. These include the Google Desktop for searching for files on your own computer and the Google Notebook, in which you could keep Internet links or notes. Many functions are already included in other Google offers, the developers are being redistributed to products with more impact, wrote Google manager Alan Eustace in a blog entry on the weekend.
Among the victims of the "autumn-spring cleaning" announced by CEO Larry Page is the Sidewiki project, where users could share notes on online content. Once again, Google is demonstrating its willingness to turn the juice off even expensive acquisitions: after the app developer Slide, it is now the turn of the "social search engine" Aardvark. According to media reports, Google is said to have paid at least $ 180 million for Slide a year ago and around $ 50 million for Aardvark.
At the end of June, Google had already announced the end of former prestige projects such as intelligent electricity meters and the health data service. Co-founder Page had announced on his return to the top of the group in April that the wide range of Google offers would be streamlined. In addition to his core business of Internet search, his priorities are the mobile platform Android, the new web-based operating system Chrome and his own online network Google+, which is supposed to stand up to today's dominant rival Facebook./so/DP/ck

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