What are the best family cars

The best family cars - sliding doors, storage space, security

Practical and chic: today's family cars

Modern family cars tend towards the Citroën Berlingo or Opel Zafira (e-) Life. But also the representatives of “classic vans” like the van veteran from Ford hold up. TheFord Galaxy as well as the sister models VW Sharan and Seat Alhambra still exist today.


The name Van comes from Caravan, the earlier name for covered wagons, which indicates the versatile use. Even today, variability is the focus of good family cars in addition to a large trunk. In modern vans it is carried by one Interior concept with easily usable storage space and variable seating, in most cases single seats.

Family cars can accommodate up to nine people and / or lots of material, leisure equipment, tools or luggage. In this context, cars with sliding doors mean a bit of comfort for many. For example, getting in and out is usually particularly easy.


That goes down well with families, because Vans stay flexible - even if family planning has not yet been completed. In order to get to the frequent maximum number of seven seats, seats can be purchased (retrospectively) as special equipment, for example, or existing ones can be folded into the floor.