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Sample sales letters from the copywriter

Examples of sales letters for auto parts trade

Postcode / town

Consulting weeks at (company name)
Why reinvent the wheel when it's already running perfectly ...

Dear Mr. Muster interested party / customer,

Developing new products costs time, money and nerves. New technologies, new materials and new suppliers often harbor risks that are difficult to calculate.

That is why we would like to show you today how you can get high-quality, well-engineered parts for your new developments quickly, cheaply and easily ...

The solution:tailor-made series parts for the automotive industry!

Advantages: There is a huge selection of tested, certified series parts, which are characterized by high functionality and quality, durability, immediate availability in large quantities and low procurement costs.

So that these OEM components (Original Equipment Manufacturing) can be ideally integrated into your product concept, we are here - the automotive engineering specialists "Sauer und Sohn".

We advise you in advance, look for solutions, procure the required parts just in time, take over storage if desired and modify / refine the series components according to your wishes and requirements.

It supplies and modifies (company name) proven automotive technology from renowned brands such as GM, Iveco, Ford and Peugeot!

There are countless OEM parts that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from small mechanical parts to electronic components to complete drives.

So that you know what might be suitable for your company, we offer personal on-site advice to a selected group of companies. Based on our experience, we can quickly tell you which components are available, conceivable and possible. So that you can kill several birds with one stone:

just in time individually adapted quality components at reasonable costs!

Make an appointment for a consultation with me today: 0049 (0) 6071-206 333

It says hello to you

Your sender name (sales)

PS If you cannot reserve an appointment for our consultation weeks straight away, we will contact you in good time for coordination!

Sample sales letter for online shop


New & Trendy: "Nostalgia tableware from Aunt Sandy for parties, celebrations, films"

Dear multiplier,

if you like to dine like a king and celebrate lavish parties, you often don't have all the cups in your cupboard. Tante Sandy nostalgia tableware rental is the latest trend for events with a special touch - for stylish company celebrations, romantic and golden weddings, birthdays, photo shoots, film shoots or a cozy coffee party in an appealing atmosphere.

Whether the finest English Minton, Royal Albert, Spode, Hungarian Herend, German Rosenthal, Hutschenreuter or Saxon Meißner - whoever wants to dine like God in France will find wonderful Art Nouveau cups, Biedermeier plates or Art Deco silver cutlery for up to to 300 guests.

The perfect service from the sprightly Aunt Sandy is not at all ancient. Instead of despatches and stagecoaches, Aunt Sandy uses the combination of the most modern communication, logistics and individual advice so that nostalgic tableware rental customers float in seventh heaven.

On the Blümchen wallpaper website "tante-sandy.de" everything is explained down to the smallest crumb. Special requests can also be discussed personally. The Germany-wide shipping is also perfectly regulated. This also applies to customers who have a crack in a bowl or cup when returning.

You can find out what else Aunt Sandy has on the pan at tante-sandy.de or in a personal conversation. Aunt Sandy will tell you something: 069 / .......


Aunt Sandy

PS Have fun with our flyer. And may you give the attached cookies a taste ...

Sample sales letter "Fashion"

Mr. Muster-Man
Musterstrasse 00
10777 Berlin



Exclusive customer loyalty campaign at (fashion store)!
New models, fresh colors - strong summer fashion for strong men

Dear Mr. Reiser,

this is how summer can come: elegant polo shirts, airy cotton trousers, chic motif shirts, casual jeans, patterned short-sleeved and linen shirts in fresh summer colors - don't miss our brand new summer collection.

Whether business look, sportswear, swimwear or leisure wear - at (fashion store) there is no too narrow, too short, too small - but the very latest brand collections of the season. Everything that makes strong and tall men attractive!

Shopping at Betex is pure pleasure: excellent specialist advice in air-conditioned rooms, huge selection of large sizes, fast change service - everything fits at (fashion store).

So that you not only look good, but also travel well, we now have a very special gift for an exclusive group of loyal customers during the holiday season:

A chic, durable travel trolley with a great look

Secure your travel trolley for loyal customers as soon as possible and get the latest summer fashion right away. Our promotion ends on June 25th!

Greetings from the ... street


Your first name, surname (management)

P.S. You get the chic travel trolley with a purchase of 199 euros or more. Therefore, plan your shopping appointment in good time !!!


+++ Customer loyalty campaign: only from June 20th to 25th +++

Personal voucher for first name Mustermann

If you present this voucher, you will receive a stylish travel trolley for purchases of 199 euros or more.
We are looking forward to your visit. Please bring this voucher with you!

Promotion period: June 20th to 25th - Location: (fashion store), Name-Str. 00, zip city


Examples of sales letters Recruiting, headhunters

Sales letters, Xing letters


IT recruiting with a high hit rate of well over 90%

Dear IT decision maker,

The smooth, professional implementation of IT projects is certainly of elementary importance for your company. A competent partner who offers you perfect recruiting - saves work, costs, time and many a gray hair.

The (recruiting company) for IT services is one of the renowned recruiting service providers in the IT sector. Decades of experience and a high level of competence are two of the reasons for an unusually high hit rate of well over 90%.

Our solid customer structure extends over numerous industries up to the top DAX companies. The high level of expertise of our recruiting team with an IT background proves to be a particular advantage when working with the (recruiting company): “Because our recruiters understand your and "your" business.

The advantages in detail:Specialist for IT recruiting, one contact person, high reliability, fast response time, high hit rate, large pool of IT specialists with good integration capabilities, first-class price-performance ratio, stress-free cooperation.

As a 300-man - owner-managed - recruiting house, we offer our customers all facets of recruiting. From individual projects to comprehensive support. Many of our customers particularly value our targeted coaching in all phases of their IT project through our professional project management.

If you are looking for a consulting partner who will actively, competently and reliably support you in the implementation of successful IT projects, you should definitely contact the (recruiting company). Because your project success and your customer satisfaction are in the foreground for us.

Call me personally or send me a short email so that I can contact you.



First name name (managing director)


Telephone: 00000 / 0000000-0

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.website.de


Business letters: Example "change of managing director"
Sales letter example Product novelty

Model company
Marketing department
000000 model town
Depoflexstrasse 000 a

New seat belt:
Depoflex "properly" protects your employees, colleagues and business partners from the risk of accidents!

Company newsletters
Who doesn’t know that: “One full stop and documents, maps, briefcases, handbags, cell phones, newspapers or water bottles fly in a high arc like bullets from the passenger seat into the footwell. The great danger:
"A short stooping holds an extraordinarily high risk of accidents - as relevant statistics show".

Thanks to a new invention, you can now protect your employees, colleagues, the field service team and business friends from this tragic fate! Because around 90% of all motorists use the vacant passenger seat as a quick place to put various utensils.

Really good ideas are usually ingeniously simple. It is the same with the brand new Depoflex:
Simply pull the practical stretch band over the backrest of the passenger seat down to the seat surface - and the braking and curve-proof storage for handbag, city map, water bottle, etc. is ready.

These are the advantages of the new Depoflex "storage seat belt":
o Simple: just pull it over the passenger's backrest
o Tidy: Provides flexible space for important utensils that are always close at hand
o Practical: never has to be removed, as the stretchable band cannot be felt by the passenger
o Safe: Increases traffic safety, protects against dangerous distractions, reduces the risk of accidents
o Decorative: 100% high quality polyester in elegant black

The Depoflex is particularly recommended for company employees who unwind many kilometers a year. In addition to the safety plus and the practicality, the moderate purchase price (less than 15 €, from 50 pieces), which allows use in the entire company fleet and leasing vehicles, is also convincing.
Thanks to its high-quality appearance and the option of applying your logo and slogan in a non-abrasive manner using flock printing, the new Depoflex seat belt is also an attractive present for business partners, customers, suppliers and a motivational gift for successful teams. Another advantage: the flexible organizing tape can even be sent in an envelope!

Sales representatives who are on the move a lot confirm to us again and again how practical and ingenious Depoflex is. Increase your employee protection with this practical feature and order a larger number right away.
Use our personal customer service to order easily and to clarify questions (printing, delivery times, conditions): Tel. 08331-962090 (Fax: 962113 - eMail: [email protected])

first name Name

PS If you order in the next 8 weeks, you will receive xx% on the logo printing costs.

Example sales letter "Hotel"

Conference hotel
Marketing staff
Musterstrasse 00
00000 model town

New conference and congress study:
Demand for “green meetings” is increasing

Dear conference hotel marketing manager,
According to a brand new study (published in the Allgemeine Hotel- und Gaststätten-Zeitung - AHGZ), the demand for affordable “Green Meetings” is increasing when it comes to booking inquiries for conferences and congresses. Hotels and congress providers with environmentally friendly offers will therefore be able to secure market advantages in the future.
So that you have the chance to benefit from this trend, we offer you the opportunity to
To offer climate-neutral meetings immediately and easily and without great effort.

Expensive investments and complex renovations are not necessary. All you need is a one-time fee-based "CO2 footprint" so that the CO2 emissions of your hotel can be calculated. You will then have free, free access to our online calculation system so that you can offer interested companies quickly and easily “Green Meetings” with a certificate.

When a customer wants to book, the system calculates the corresponding CO2 consumption and automatically creates a certificate for the customer that documents the climate neutrality of his meeting. The moderate additional costs can be listed separately for your customers. There are no costs for you to use the online software.

And this is how it all works with climate neutrality: For every registered “Green Meeting”, trees are planted as part of a certified reforestation project in West Africa, which precisely compensate for the CO2 emissions determined by the conference. In this way, your customers can confer with a clear conscience and certified climate-neutral, without polluting the environment. And what is good for the environment and the company's image opens up additional sales opportunities for you ...

Call me now so that I can advise you in detail. I would be happy to explain to you how your commitment to a "great climate" pays off and how easy it is to use ...

You can reach me at: 000 - 000 000 00 - Mr. First Name Last Name!

With best regards
first name Name

PS Calling is worth it: The first 50 callers automatically receive ...
You can find a lot of additional information on this website: www.website.de

New service for brokers ...

Take advantage of the advantages
of our digital measurement service ...

Dear Mr. Muster-Broker,

often plans have little to do with reality. Missing, incorrect, incomplete building dimensions and outdated, unsightly, worn paper plans have certainly made life difficult for you more than once - or even hampered your sales and rental success.

So use our perfect digital measurement service for brokers
Benefit from our fast, 100% accurate and attractively prepared digital living space measurement according to DIN 277, GIF (MF-G) and declaration of closure.

As a state-certified construction technician, certified building energy advisor and differential pressure measurement technician, I can support you with the latest digital laser data acquisition and Bluetooth transmission technology in combination with CAD presentation software.

The living space calculation according to DIN is possible even under difficult conditions (e.g. slopes, no right angles, high rooms).

For marketing via exposé, you will receive sophisticatedly prepared plans (with precisely measured windows, doors and radiators), dimensioned, labeled - with furniture and coloring on request - in all common formats (PDF, pit, dxf, dwg, pin).

This service makes your work easier and helps you to increase your success in renting and selling in a simple way.

Your advantages when using our digital measurement service:
+ Real estate is easier to sell √
+ You can rent out apartments more quickly and easily √
+ Less effort and better presentation of objects (also on the Internet) √
+ No hassle and annoying inquiries due to incorrect information √
+ Competitive advantages for landlords and tenants √
+ Better competition among property sellers and buyers √

Our digital measurement service is your answer to the increased demands of landlords / tenants and real estate sellers / buyers.

It is best to test it now
Thanks to the latest digital technology, no second person is required to measure the living space. In this way, I can offer you a fast and particularly discreet service for inhabited properties. Try it out: you will be amazed!

Any questions? Or would you like an offer right away? Answer me immediately by email [email protected] or give me a short call: +49 (0) 0000 00 00 (first name, surname)

With best regards

Your first name last name

Take a look at the examples of visualizations for presentations and measurement plans (also as PDF download) on my homepage: http://www.homepage.com

Cover letter as a PDF printout (please print out for your records)

first name Name
State Certified construction technician
D - 000 000
Street 000
Tel .: +49 (0) 0000 00 000
Fax .: +49 (0) 0000 000 00
mailto: [email protected]

Example sales letter IT company


Mr. Mustermann
Sample Street XX
6XXXXXX model town

New possibility to effectively protect your IT against harmful virus attacks and data loss

Dear Ms / Mr [recipient]:

if the company's IT fails, this means trouble, data loss, extra work, time delays, lost sales - sometimes even a downtime for almost every company! Virus attacks, water damage, power outages, break-ins, incorrect operation by employees are just some of the dangers.

The best strategy: Use the efficiency advantages and security of a perfectly structured, fail-safe functioning EDP.

This is easier and cheaper than you think: A professional system check is enough and you know where there are weak points, where there are efficiency advantages and how security gaps can be closed.

More than 500 companies already benefit from the system check. As an IT expert with more than XX years of experience, I can offer you a complete system analysis, the detection of weak points and security gaps. You will then receive specific proposals for solutions and concepts that your administrator can easily implement (we can also offer you a complete solution on request).

Your benefit: Your EDP and network are up to date, so that operational processes can be controlled even better. And you are well protected against risks, virus attacks and system failures. For example, against data loss through an automatic external backup.

Personal service: As your IT expert, I offer you one professional, personal and customized on-site service. As part of a free telephone consultation, I record your ideas, wishes, problems and clarify the key system data for your software and hardware with you in order to be able to offer you tailor-made solutions during the on-site system check. I will be happy to explain everything else to you in person. Just tell me your phone extension and the best time to call by email or call me now: 00000 0000 00 ...


With best regards

First name, surname (IT expert)

PS So that you can see how satisfied my customers are, you will find comments from satisfied customers on the back ->


Example of a sales letter "Pharma Health Products"

Sample company
Mr. Klaus Mustermann
Sample street 000
00000 model town

Offer "Sales partnership for health products"

Dear Mr. Mustermann,

You would certainly like to benefit from sustained and steadily growing demand with your product range in the future.

The high-quality care products, medicines and nutritional supplements from the company (company name) have been very popular for XX years.

I am writing this letter to you because the trend towards “natural care products, medicines and food supplements” is likely to increase in the future. And we - together with you - would like to use the growing demand for a solid and powerful sales partnership.

With (company name) you enjoy decisive advantages. We manufacture our high-quality products ourselves and deliver exclusively to retailers in non-stationary direct sales! For you this means: You secure a unique position with (company name) with first-class products and the best sales opportunities.

Since good products and delivery channel loyalty are only half of the coin, we offer you pleasantly flexible ordering options and a huge warehouse with a large number of products that are always available. Our high-performance merchandise management system is another guarantee for quick order processing.

Now it is your turn to secure the benefits of a successful partnership. I would be happy to advise you personally on specific questions, wishes or special requirements.

Send me a fax, an email or call me personally: 00000 0000 00 ...

With best regards
First name, surname (managing director)

PS You can now rely on a solid partnership and bright future prospects. I would be happy to make you an individual new customer offer with attractive ...


Sales letter sample "Software"

Sample company
Mr. Klaus Mustermann
Sample street 000
00000 model town


Decide for the secret * software winner 2011 *:
"No other secret software was so user-friendly"


Dear customer,

Many of your colleagues are dissatisfied with their secret software: too expensive, not tailored to individual requirements and too poor service, ... You should therefore opt for secret software with which daily tasks can be carried out faster and more efficiently.

Decide on the best-selling secret software in Saxony-Anhalt - for "secret software name". Reasons for the high popularity of our secret software are in particular the very simple, intuitive operation and the complete range of functions that meet the highest demands. High speed and good stability are two other advantages that many customers particularly appreciate. Another competitive advantage: evaluations in seconds using a statistics tool.

It was not for nothing that "secret software name" was number 1 in the 2011 secret software satisfaction survey of over X,000 customers:

  • Best advice quality: Grade 1
  • Maximum user-friendliness: grade 1
  • Best regional support: Grade 1

First-class secret software, a wide range of functions, top service, exemplary advice quality and hotline availability are good reasons for a change. "Secret software name" sets standards! Test our service! Let us advise you without obligation. All you need to do is give us a call: 00000 / Bäumen

With best regards


First name, surname (managing director)


Further information: www.geheimsoftware.de


* Names and data anonymized for competitive reasons

Business letter pattern "Craftsman"

Company name
Department / employee
Model street
Zip code model city


Do your trees still have a MOT?


Dear employee,

a diseased tree with rotten roots is not always easy to spot. If an employee, passer-by or a vehicle is hit by a falling tree or branch, the property owner is generally liable within the scope of his duty to maintain safety.

Don't let it get that far! Use our tree TÜV!

The legal side, however, is only one aspect. As a young team of experienced and trained specialist arborists, we also ensure that your tree population is preserved and looks beautiful.

We offer you a professional all-round service for the maintenance of your tree population: Tree felling, crown maintenance work, upbringing / construction pruning, post-treatment of cut trees, crown securing systems, stabilization of cracks in trunks, creation of tree supports, or the implementation of tree fertilization and tree environment improvements.

Many of our customers appreciate our personal service, our high reliability and the independent, professional execution. In addition, we value fair, trusting cooperation.

Try us!We offer you a free consultation with tree inspection and preparation of a fixed price offer ...

Send a short email so that I can make an appointment with you. Or give us a call. You can reach me during the day by phone at 06106/6393456

Your specialist arborist


first name Name


PS I will be happy to tell you whether a tree inspection and tree care is necessary annually or only every 2 years during a free, personal consultation. Email request: [email protected]


Business letter sample - "German Portal"

Company name
Department / employee
Model street
Zip code model city


One time chance:
Win customers in your region for X Euro

Dear craftsman,

Would you like to be found by customers from your region on the Internet?
Get new jobs cheaply?
And preferably hardly pay anything for it?
Then you now have the unique opportunity to be found immediately on the Internet with your offer 24 hours a day, for years - without long searches - for only xx.xx euros per month!

But it gets even better! "You have hardly any effort, no work, no HTML or anything else": Simply register, enter your desired search terms - done.

In addition, you can present your company to interested parties from the region on an "About me" page (in a few minutes - no HTML knowledge required). Of course, you will also receive links to your homepage, Google Plus and your Facebook page.

... (company name) is not a new search engine! ... (company name) is the "customer-find-portal" for your region. ... (company name) offers traders, traders, craftsmen and service providers the unique opportunity to be found quickly and easily on the Internet and to receive customer inquiries (even without their own homepage).

This is the easiest way to quickly find you with your offer by consumers in the region. Do not miss that chance. If you decide quickly, you will even get another XX% discount and pay only XX euros per month for 1 year!

Boost your business the easy way: without great risk, with minimal effort and for the price of a cigarette pack. Fill out the registration form right away so that you can benefit from the XX% (the offer is only valid for 2 weeks!).

With best regards


Klaus Mustermann

PS Your advantages: Be found in the region + "About me" page + links to the homepage and to Facebook / Google+. No XX euros / month. Direct registration: http://www.unsere-internetadresse.de


Business letter templates 2016: Word templates according to DIN 5008 for sample letters and the creation of business letters, termination, applications, invoices, reminders can be found here (without content)

Business Letter Template - "Sales Portal"


(Letter writing pattern - data anonymized)


Model company
Mr. Mustermann
Sample path no.1a
12345 model town


Onetime offer:
Sell ​​machines quickly and easily - free of charge!


Hello Mr. Musterman,

Selling your machines can cost you a lot of money and time!

A good platform for selling machines, on the other hand, saves time and generates money:

  • Little work, effort and low costs when offering your machines
  • Fast sales at attractive prices due to enormous buyer demand

Save yourself expensive and useless advertisements or high losses when selling to dealers. Benefit from over XXX,000 visitors per month and over XX,000 machine offers / requests www.musterwebsite.de!

Regardless of whether you want to sell machine tools, metal / woodworking machines, printing machines, plastic machines or construction machinery - at musterwebsite.de you can sell your machines quickly and easily at a top price.

One-time offer: Sell your machines for free for X months now ...

We want to make our sales portal even more attractive. That is why we offer you
X months for free to offer your machines for sale at musterwebsite.de! You have no risk. It will not be charged. You are not entering into a contract. And don't have to cancel anything after the X months.

Fill out our reply fax right away and sell your machines to your heart's content for X months without obligation on one of the largest portals in Germany. Register now by fax and test ...


Now fill out the reply fax ->


"Letter writing pattern"



Model company
Mr. Mustermann
Company street 00
00000 company city

Clean affair!

If everything picobello shines, that's good for your business and your spirits!

Dear CEO,

A well-groomed appearance is a brilliant prerequisite for good business. What would you say if everything in your business premises is spotless in the future? Without you having to worry about it! When there are no problems, no stress, no complaints! When everything is always tidy and clean? When you have a contact person for all cleaning services who - in the worst case - can be reached 24 hours a day?

Our customers have valued our reliable and first-class service for 10 years:

Building cleaning

Office cleaning

glass cleaning


Caretaker services

Winter service



Are you paying too much? Are you 100 percent satisfied? Would you like a complete service from a reliable and competent partner from a single source? Can you do without unnecessary stress?

Your customers demand good service from you on attractive terms. Demand the same from your glass and building cleaning service! Talk to us, we are guaranteed to make you a brilliant offer: Professional cleanliness that pays off for you.

Test our cleaning service now as part of our special offer "Clean offer“!

We come to your company for a site visit free of charge and without obligation and then make you a clean offer at attractive special conditions that you will like. I would be happy to advise you personally and look forward to your call to make an appointment:

0815/123456 or 018151234567 (mobile)

With best regards



Your Max Mustermann

PSUse our free change offer "Glass and building cleaning“ –
with on-site inspection: Email inquiries: [email protected]

Professional sales letters from copywriters pay off

(and don't end up in the trash that quickly)