What are the precautions for bariatric surgery

Department of Upper Abdominal and Endocrine Surgery, Obesity Center

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Chief Physician Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Ansgar Röhrborn

Specialist in surgery and special visceral surgery

Your medical team

Welcome to the website of the Department of Upper Abdominal and Endocrine Surgery and the Obesity Center!
On the following pages we will inform you about our work.

The Department of Upper Abdominal and Endocrine Surgery mainly performs operations on the organs of the esophagus, stomach, liver, biliary tract, pancreas and spleen. The main focus of the department is on the surgical treatment of obesity through stomach reduction and transformation operations.

Endocrine gland surgery includes operations on the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and endocrine part of the pancreas (insulin-producing and other hormone-active cells).

In the obesity center we treat extremely overweight patients according to a holistic concept and in interdisciplinary cooperation. Comprehensive advice and the creation of an individual therapeutic approach are important. In the holistic concept, doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, self-help groups and general practitioners work closely together in advising, preparing and treating patients. There is a particular focus on long-term support after the operation.

Events canceled until further notice

+++ Safety first: Public events in the St. Barbara Clinic Hamm-Heessen and in the St. Josef Hospital Hamm-Bockum-Hövel are canceled until further notice in the sense of preventive infection protection. +++

Due to the low but not ruled out risk of being infected with the coronavirus at larger events, all public events at our two locations will be canceled until further notice. This also includes the regular inspection appointments for obstetrics.

The courses at the parent school and the health center, as well as all courses and events at the Institute for Education in Health Care, have also been canceled until further notice.

This is purely a precautionary measure to avoid an additional flow of visitors to our clinic and thus to protect our patients and our employees.

  • The church services - initially only in-house for our patients and employees,
  • the meetings of all support groups as well
  • the doctor-patient seminars of the obesity center will be offered again, taking into account the distance and hygiene rules.

You can always find further dates on our homepage under Events

Secretariat Department
Coordination and contact obesity center

Coordination and contact obesity center,
Contact person for self-help groups
Stefanie Wittek-Wunderlich

Tel. 02381 961-1854
Fax 02381 961-1855
stefanie.wittek (at) josef-krankenhaus.de

Your medical team
Range of services

All established surgical procedures are performed:

  • This includes the removal of tumors of the esophagus or the entire esophagus, all surgical interventions on the stomach from minimally invasive reduction in size of the stomach to local removal of tumors to removal of the entire stomach and replacement with small intestine to treat malignant tumors.
  • On the duodenum and the pancreas, all partial removals and the so-called Whipple's operation, which is particularly demanding from a surgical point of view, are carried out.
  • Liver surgery can also be performed in a minimally invasive manner in the case of removing small tumors and treating large cysts. Major interventions, however, such as the removal of half the liver, require open surgery. In addition to the surgical measures, metastases and primary malignant liver tumors on the liver are also destroyed by a special electrical heat treatment.
  • The most common spleen operations are minimally invasive removal of the organ.
  • The obesity center provides comprehensive patient care and preparation for surgical treatment. The most frequently performed operations here are gastric sleeve formation and the creation of a gastric bypass. Operations are becoming increasingly important for patients in whom a previously inserted gastric band fails.
  • In the field of endocrine surgery, the most common removal of the thyroid gland and operations on the parathyroid glands are performed. The rarer interventions on the adrenal glands are usually also carried out in a minimally invasive manner.
Obesity center

You can access the Obesity Center's website here.

Cooperation partner
  • Dr. med. Matthias Bohle,
    Specialist in internal medicine, diabetological practice in nutritional medicine, Hamm
  • Dipl.-Psych. Sabine Altendorf,
    Psychotherapeutic practice, Hamm
  • Dr. med. Stefan Romberg, specialist in neurology and psychotherapy
    Senior physician at the Clinic for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics at St. Marien Hospital Hamm
  • Dipl. Oecotrophologist Christa Glozbach
    Nutritional advice, Werl
  • Dr. med. Klaus Hubrich
    Practice for endocrinology and diabetology, Hamm
support group

support group

In 2009 a self-help group was founded to combat morbid obesity (pathological excess weight). This works closely with experienced doctors, nutritionists and psychologists.

In the group, those affected have the opportunity to exchange experiences and help each other.

Goals of the self-help groups

  • Group discussions
  • Move
  • Exchange of experiences
  • Nutritional advice
  • Expert advice from
    - Doctors - Psychologists - Surgeons - Plastic surgeons - Nutritionists
    - endocrinologists
  • Information on surgical measures

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