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Service automation with ServiceNow - from the German cloud

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Service management and automation can be used in every department of the company. A service-oriented alignment of daily activities, tasks and processes with the help of ServiceNow, one of the world's leading service management solutions, enables the change to a truly digital company to succeed.

The IT is no longer used as a purely infrastructure-oriented support unit. Rather, it enters into a connection with all departments of the company, in which it has a creative effect on all processes and thus on the entire business. ServiceNow is much more than ITIL and IT service management from the cloud. With the solution, your company reaches the next evolutionary stage of effective collaboration under the maxim of working worlds 4.0.

From now on, ServiceNow can be used without restrictions as a SaaS solution from German data centers and in accordance with German data protection regulations.

After the end of Safe Harbor, ServiceNow can continue without restrictions.

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Fraport AG | Service Management & ServiceNow | reference

1. Synergy effects and cost savings with simultaneous improvement in service quality through a shared operation center
2. 24/7 service desk as a single point of contact and entrance gate for all incidents
3. Intelligent, IT-supported ticket management based on ServiceNow
4. Operational SLA operation based on 17 service certificates

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24/7 Operations Center (OPC)

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Fraport AG | Data Center Services | reference

Operation of the data center on the campus of Frankfurt am Main Airport at Fraport AG

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