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With every Swing Kitchen burger that has been eaten instead of a non-vegan burger since we opened in January 2015, we are constantly saving resources:



Compared to beef, our vegan alternatives use an average of 95% less energy, 85% less water, 96% less grain, 93% less acreage and 92% less greenhouse gases.

We are rethinking fast food: freshly prepared, climate-friendly, extremely tasty and completely vegan!

Caffè latte

Made from organic coffee beans, shipped by sail. Pure or with hazelnut, caramel, almond, vanilla or cinnamon.


Made from organic coffee beans, shipped by sail.

Swing Cola

Cola according to our own recipe. Also as Swing Cola CHERRY and sugar-free as Swing Cola FREE.


From controlled organic cultivation.


According to Irene's traditional recipe.

Swing burger

Soy patty, Charly's BBQ sauce, pickles, fried onions, ...

Cole slaw

Spicy and creamy cabbage salad with carrots & celery, dried roasted onions, on lettuce.

Vienna Burger

Vegan schnitzel, garlic sauce, cucumber, tomato, chives, ...

Cheese burger

Soy patty with vegan cheese, tomato concassée, lemon mayonnaise, ...

Almond nougat dream

Baked almond paste filled with chocolate pudding cream, glazed with nougat glaze, decorated with chocolate and nougat almond balls.

Nugget salad

Soy nuggets with garlic sauce on garden salad

Swiss wrap

Rösti, hot cauliflower, garlic sauce, ...

Pink Edgy

LIKE MEAT Schnitzel with vegan cheese gratinated with cranberry mayonnaise, cucumber and salads

Napoli burger

LIKE MEAT Schnitzel with vegan cheese, concassêe, garlic sauce, tomato, salad. Red onion, oregano ..

He wanted to live vegan, but not go hungry.Just a few years after completing his apprenticeship as a waiter in his parents' village inn, Charly Schillinger acquired numerous financial and economic diplomas and worked as a successful broker, fund manager and securities analyst in major international banks. In 1988 he opted for a vegetarian lifestyle, ten years later for the vegan way of life. The fact that vegan food supposedly means doing without has bothered the connoisseur and lover of Viennese cuisine from the start. Reason enough for Irene, Charly's wife, to reinvent Austrian home cooking on a purely plant-based basis: In an unprecedented pioneering effort, the Schillingers successively replaced the traditional meat-heavy dishes with their vegan "longing kitchen" in their inn, which has existed since 1793. From cordon bleu and chops to Wiener schnitzel - vegan cuisine should represent healthy enjoyment and not dogmatic renunciation! With their unconventional and successful inn, the Schillingers became the best-known pioneers of vegan gastronomy in Austria and prove that a diet free of animal products can be delicious and diverse. Sustainable enjoyment has made the Gasthaus Schillinger a place of pilgrimage for a wide audience. Irene and Charly Schillinger would like to build on this with their vegan and climate-friendly burger concept. Contemporary fast food should convince even more guests of the new culinary milestone of the Schillingers: Real vegan burger!

In the Swing Kitchen, we also think about the future of our planet and the next generations when we enjoy it: Our 100% vegan products respect life, protect the environment and save resources.
Plastic packaging has no place in the Swing Kitchen! All of our packaging is 100% petroleum-free, made from renewable raw materials and is CO when disposed of2-neutral.
Our ingredients are selected according to the highest quality criteria. As far as possible and available, we prefer food from regional and GMO-free cultivation, partly from organic or fair trade production.
Our purely plant-based dishes are naturally 100% cholesterol-free, richer in fiber and contain more vitamins and phytochemicals than conventional fast food.
As a sign against wage dumping and as a gesture of corresponding appreciation, we reward our employees above the average wage customary in the industry!

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