What are some unspoken unwritten rules

28 unwritten rules that you must absolutely follow

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"Buy a plunger before you need it."

This week, Reddit users were asked in a thread which unwritten rules everyone should know and follow.

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The thread went viral when people started giving their opinion on all of the unspoken rules that should be followed. Here are some of the best suggestions:

1. "Don't ask if you can have something when the person only has a piece left, such as a piece of chewing gum, a cigarette, or a piece of cake."

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2. "Buy new toilet paper when you have used the last roll."


3. "Don't spoil an apology with an excuse."


4. "Buy a plunger before you need it."

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5. "Don't swipe left or right when someone shows you a photo on their phone."


6. “First go to the bathroom. Whatever you're up to, go to the bathroom first. "


7. "If you borrow someone's car, fill it up again before you give it back."

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8. "Leave everything in better condition than you found it."


9. "If you go out to dinner with a group of people, only the one who has ordered the cheapest dish may propose to split the bill."


10. “Don't listen to your music through a speaker when you're out and about. Not everyone is in the mood for music or shares your taste. Put headphones in your ears. "

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11. “Keep a toilet cubicle clean after you've used it. It always amazes me how people can wreak havoc in it and then just run away! "


12. “You can be wrong sometimes, that's no shame. If so, admit it and learn from it. If you are not right, it will not affect your convictions. "


13. "Don't do drama at a funeral."

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14. “Chew with your mouth closed. I am always amazed at how many adults I see chewing with their mouths open. "


15. “Don't make fun of other people's laughter. No matter what it sounds like or what the person looks like. Laughter is the most natural expression of joy and happiness. It sucks when someone makes fun of another person in order to feel better about themselves. "

—Arthur McSlothington

16. "Don't leave your shopping cart in the middle of the aisle in the supermarket."

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17. "The third time you borrow something from someone, you should buy one yourself."


18. "If you cancel a meeting with a friend, you have to make a new appointment."


19. "Don't propose to someone else's wedding."

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20. "Do not use crystals in a place where you are not allowed to smoke."


21. “Turn on your headlights when it snows. I mean the asshole with the white truck. "


22. "Always leave at least one urinal free between you and another user if there is enough space."


23. “Be nice to people who help you, such as salespeople or medical staff. Don't take your bad mood out on others. "


24. “First out, then in. Let people get off the elevator and the train before you get on. "

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25. "Walk on the right side of the stairs or sidewalk."


26. "Pass on the left side of the escalator and wait on the right side."


And finally ...

27. “Treat everyone equally respectfully. Whether they're writing your paycheck or cleaning the floor, we're all human. "


Note: Some answers have been shortened or edited for better understanding.

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