Is it worth learning VBA and Macro

Is there a macro for it? Doesn't want to learn VBA for nothing
at once

14 Aug 2012, 8:44 am
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       Version: Office 2007

Hi Guys,
I am addressing the macro pros among you and trying to make it very simple. I don't know a VBA but I think it would be pretty awesome to have a macro for a certain thing that I have to do every day during the internship.
It would be great if you would tell me whether it is even possible to write a macro for what I want - if not, I don't even have to deal with VBA.

So, I have a Word document
The Dax rose by 4 points to 6599.
The price of gold fell 5% to $ 1,611.95.


......... ||| Change in% ||| Change absolutely ||| Final value
DAX ... ||| 0.06% .................. ||| 4.32 ........................... ||| 6599
Gold ... ||| -5.00% .................. ||| -84.84 ........................ ||| 1611.95

I get the table in the morning as an Excel file (here is just an example, the content is different). I add it to the bottom of the Word file and the text is at the top. I should formulate it because some colleagues get it on the Blackberry and the table is usually difficult to read.
Negative changes are red, positive changes are red (comes with the table)

What I want now:
1) Insert the respective numbers from the table at the top of the text
2) Tell Word that green 'rose' / red 'fell'.
3) Round the absolute values ​​to x number of digits.

Is it possible to combine these commands in a macro? If so, I would be grateful for tips, but in principle it would be enough for me to simply find out whether this is even possible.

Thanks in advance!


EDIT: Unfortunately you cannot upload pictures directly here.
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Aug 15, 2012, 1:12 am
Call name: Markus
Place of residence: Cologne rrh
       Version: Office 2007


without even having read your post in more detail:

1. It's always worth learning VBA. Although I could not and cannot program at all myself, VBA introduced me to programming, and I can now bake small, reliable procedures that help many people (hence the nickname macro Markus in my circle of friends).

2. Therefore: the macro recorder is your friend. Record what you want to do and post the code here - but please in code tags - then you will get help. And you can learn from it. And it's fun too (at least for me).


16 Aug 2012, 9:27 pm
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       Version: Office 2007

if you convert the table - or the table parts - into text and use a tab character as a separator, you can do this quite well and with a little practice.

Cell 1 => Cell 2 => Cell 3

Then it works something like this:
Each paragraph of the document is extracted and split. A so-called "array" is then obtained, each with a cell value. You can analyze it and generate an output text as required.

Otherwise I can agree with the previous speaker: From Word VBA via and C # I came "naturally" to iOS programming. Ultimately, everything is based on similar concepts.

If you have a Word document that was created from the table as described (using standard Word tools), I can post code that you can use to convert it into speech output.
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