How did KFC get its name

Five eventful decades


“We want to attack. The product is right, we have the tastiest chicken in the world, ”said CEO Marco Schepers, who is responsible for the DACH countries, with confidence. The brand currently has 167 branches in Germany, and in 2017 it generated sales of € 243 million. In a European comparison (as of 2007), Germany only ranks 5th behind Great Britain (870 branches), Russia (606), Poland (243) and France (225).

What Germany boss Schepers can make optimistic, however: The race to catch up is already underway. Just seven years ago, the brand stood in less than half as many restaurants in Germany; the average sales per store were almost 15 percent below today's restaurant sales of 1.6 million euros.

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One of the most important growth drivers is certainly stable and potent partnerships. In Germany, KFC currently has 34 franchise partners. In 2016, the Polish holding company AmRest, a long-term partner of KFC in other countries, and the Australian company Collins Food came on board.

KFC currently has almost 170 branches in Germany. In 7 years at the latest it should be 500.

On the occasion of the anniversary, we take a look at the history of the Chicken brand:
1968Starting shot in Frankfurt am Main. The entry-level snack menu is DM 2.95.
1969The first franchise restaurant opens in the Heidelberg region.
1970The 15th KFC restaurant in Germany opens in Worms
1971KFC is bought by Heublein.
1974KFC opens the 5,000 restaurant worldwide.
1975The first re-franchising: The company sells its restaurants in Frankfurt and Hanau, the restaurants in Hamburg and Munich are closed.
1979Advertisements are used to search for new franchise partners - the investment is DM 175,000
1982New location orientation: away from American barracks towards city locations with a clear family orientation. R. J. Reynolds takes over Heublein and KFC. The company opens new restaurants in Cologne.
1985Franchise partner Pondus opens the first free-standing KFC with drive-thru counter in Mainz-Kastell. It is currently the oldest still existing KFC in Germany. Karl-Heinz and Editha Geiger open their first KFC restaurant in Augsburg on Ulmer Strasse. They are the oldest still active franchise partners at KFC. The Geiger family is now represented in the third generation.
1986Pepsico takes over KFC from R.J. Reynolds, the name is changed from Heublein (Germany) GmbH to Kentucky Fried Chicken GmbH.
1994The first KFC restaurant opened in East Germany and KFC is now also represented in Magdeburg.
1997Spin-off from Pepsi: the brands KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell united under the name TRICON. A later move from Mühlheim to Düsseldorf follows.
2000The company is investing again in Germany: the first drive-thru opens in Bochum, around 30 restaurants open in just 2 years.
2003KFC is testing 2in1 concepts for the first time with its sister brand A&W. The last 2in1 location on Kurt-Schumacher-Damm was converted into a pure KFC at the end of 2007.
2007Boxed meals are introduced, sales increase.
2008Opening of the world's largest KFC branch in Munich.
2009For the first time grilled chicken
2010KFC becomes lessee for the first time, opening of the first business rental restaurant by a franchise partner. A kick start for the expansion, around 40 additional locations should follow. First national billboard campaign.
2011Introduction of the Filet Bites: the first innovation from Germany that made it onto the KFC menu board worldwide.

In 2013, KFC started a TV campaign in Germany for the first time

2013KFC advertises for the first time with a TV spot on German television and the 100th KFC restaurant opens in Schweitenkirchen.
2015Record also in expansion: 20 restaurants are opened, 17 of them through franchise partners.
2017The first burger without bread: Double Down - The most successful burger promotion ever. The 150th KFC restaurant opens in Siegburg. The bucket turns 60 - for the first time a bucket with a price on TV
2018KFC - worth every trip: KFC Germany celebrates its 50th birthday. With its anniversary TV spot, KFC is also bringing founder Colonel Harland Sanders onto television for the first time.