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... clear structures
... own opinions
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Our editorial teams have changed from a pure print editorial team with a weekly focus to a cross-media editorial team that reacts to current events at any time.

We publish in all forms of editions - text, photo, video, audio, etc. Thanks to the digital possibilities, we are always the contact person for our readers at eye level, take their impulses seriously and benefit from their input in print and online.

We arrive: 82.7 percent of the advertising paper readers (LpA) and 75.4 percent of the German-speaking population aged 14 and over confirm that they have received almost every issue. A great testimonial for our deliverers. *

Weekly newspapers are the preferred medium for finding out about offers from the trade before making a purchase. For example, of people who shop in large hypermarkets once a week, 43 percent see advertisements in advertising papers as useful. And even 50.6 percent rate inserts in advertising papers as a useful source of information before they go shopping. *

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We see our readers how they perceive themselves and their environment, what they like and what not, how they live, think, feel and evaluate.

Successful marketing planning and communication today therefore requires a comprehensive and at the same time differentiated approach to the consumer and makes it necessary to classify target groups more precisely beyond the conventional socio-demographic characteristics. The mentality types offer a proven approach that does justice to the value orientations and lifestyles of the readers.

The types of mentality

* Source: Federal Association of German Advertising Papers, The coronation in terms of quality, representative study of the media performance of advertising papers in Germany.

** Source: WochenSpiegel survey; Spring 2015

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The majority of the people in our region belong to this type of mentality. They are performance-oriented and define themselves through their private life and their skills. They want to do their job properly and conscientiously and really want to achieve something. For them, education and faith are central educational goals. Politeness and good behavior as well as punctuality have a high priority in their value system.

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  • Female: 58%
  • Male: 42%
  • 76% are married
  • Average age: 54.3 years
  • Average level of education:
    Elementary or secondary school leaving certificate
  • Household size: 2.93 people
  • Full-time employment, full-time: 34%
  • Full-time employment, part-time: 21%
  • Inactive: 43%
  • Place of residence: rural (68%)

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The performance-oriented & competent define their home through their parish, their current home and through the customs and traditions of the region. Although they define their home geographically widely, they work and shop in the immediate vicinity.

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The performance-oriented & competent use advertising papers (50%) above average to find out about local topics and events in the region. You are particularly interested in advisory topics such as health, safety, insurance and retirement planning. They are also interested in travel topics, culture and event information. Product information through advertisements, brochures or advertising inserts are considered helpful. They are also regularly looking for information on the subject of building and living, investments as well as jobs and careers.

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The performance-oriented & competent are the most loyal readers of WochenKurier and read it every week. Local reports have a particular influence on the evaluation of the WochenKurier. Ads for branded products and opinion pieces also have a positive influence. In general, the WochenKurier is rated by this target group as a “friendly, helpful neighbor”.

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This type of mentality is the second largest target group in our region. They are educated, but reject further training offers and place little value on their appearance towards others. The casual and high-income people are tech-savvy and their financial behavior is very competent. You are relaxed about the future.

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  • Female: 42%
  • Male: 58%
  • 75% are married
  • Average age: 53.1 years
  • Average level of education:
    High School / General qualification for university)
  • Household size: 2.92 people
  • Full-time employment, full-time: 46%
  • Full-time employment, part-time: 19%
  • Inactive: 29%
  • Place of residence: rural (69%)

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The circle of acquaintances, the people, the family and the company form the center of life for the casual and high-income. The feelings of home are also determined by the club life. For them, home is primarily a social term. The subjective perception of the geographical extent of their home is 80 km, but they live, live and work in their immediate vicinity.

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This target group uses advertising papers more than average (51%) to find out about local topics. The casual and high-income people are particularly interested in reports from the fields of technology, business, science and sport. They are also grateful for advice on work and careers, investments, building and living. They enjoy reading advertisements on branded products and shops, as well as advertising inserts and brochures.

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Far more than half of this group read the WochenKurier weekly. Well-rated local reports, business reports and letters to the editor have a positive influence on the overall rating of the WochenKurier.

Strong contact and willing to consume

They are very helpful, tolerant, considerate, responsible and environmentally conscious. Their lifestyle is very consumer-oriented. They spend a lot of money on consumer electronics, food, travel and sports.

Characteristics describing the type

  • Female: 67%
  • Male: 33%
  • 46% are married
  • Average age: 49.8 years
  • Average level of education:
    High School / General qualification for university)
  • Household size: 2.9 people
  • Full-time employment, full-time: 33%
  • Full-time employment, part-time: 26%
  • Inactive: 32%
  • Place of residence: rural (67%)

Feelings of home

For this target group, the concept of home is strongly oriented towards the people of the region. They are very closely networked within their clubs and parishes. Geographically, your home is very closely tied to your home and hardly exceeds a radius of 100 km. They work and buy in their immediate vicinity.

Information needs

The sociable and consumer-oriented people have a great interest in getting information in the advertising papers. This target group is specifically looking for support on topics such as health, retirement provision, security and insurance. They are also particularly interested in topics such as travel, culture and events.

Use and evaluation of the WochenKurier

The majority of sociable & consumer-oriented people use the WochenKurier weekly. This group wants to get involved in society and for this reason economic reports, political reports and event announcements are perceived positively.

Committed & educated

They are always interested in broadening their horizons, are tolerant and helpful, responsible and environmentally conscious. General education and political knowledge are valued highly in this group.

Characteristics describing the type

  • Female: 49%
  • Male: 51%
  • 60% are married
  • Average age: 51.9 years
  • Average level of education:
  • Household size: 3.71 people
  • Full-time job, full-time: 45%
  • Full-time employment, part-time: 17%
  • Inactive: 33%
  • Place of residence: rural (68%) and big city (6%)

Feelings of home

The concept of home for this target group essentially encompasses the customs, traditions and stories of the region. The landscape, regional specialties as well as the circle of friends and people complement the concept of home for the committed and educated. Their homeland has almost no geographical boundaries, but they work, live and live in the immediate vicinity.

Information needs

Due to the extensive concept of home, they are particularly interested in travel. References to (cultural) events are also noticed nationwide. In addition, they are particularly interested in topics such as technology, business, science and sport.

Use and evaluation of the WochenKurier

Economic reports, branded goods advertising and politics in particular have positive influences on the evaluation of the WochenKurier.

Family-oriented & responsible

You attach great importance to politeness and punctuality. They do their work responsibly, dutifully and properly. They are helpful, considerate and tolerant. Private life is the most important lifestyle dimension. A beautiful living environment and a family-friendly environment are particularly valued.

Characteristics describing the type

  • Female: 58%
  • Male: 42%
  • 64% are married
  • Average age: 46.8 years
  • Average level of education:
    Secondary school leaving certificate
  • Household size: 3.27 people
  • Full-time job, full-time: 40%
  • Full-time employment, part-time: 18%
  • Inactive: 41%
  • Place of residence: rural (82%)

Feelings of home

For those who are family-oriented and responsible, life takes place where they live. The term is expanded by the neighborhood. The geographical extent of the home refers to a radius of 50 km in which you are ready to work and shop.

Information needs

This group shows the greatest interest in advertising papers. Ads of local businesses in brochures and inserts attract their attention. You are extremely interested in consumer issues. Family, building and living, questions of upbringing, investments, job and career are interesting topics for this group.

Use and evaluation of the WochenKurier

Over 2/3 of those who are family-oriented and responsible read the WochenKurier regularly. This group rates the WochenKurier the best. Local reports are rated particularly well. This also has a positive effect on the overall rating.