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A convincing strategy is the basis for every success

A Social media strategy is the basis for every success in social media. An integral social media strategy not only defines measures and behavior for long-term successful online communication, but is also precisely tailored to the corporate strategy and branding measures.

Anyone who wants to present themselves to their customers online should therefore not fall into action and create various accounts in the various social networks without a strategy and do Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing or Instagram marketing in a blind flight. Before doing this, it is important to think about the goals, the target group, the social media content and the relevant networks. These success factors are defined as part of the social media strategy.

Social media strategy: first steps

At the beginning of the strategy development, the fundamental key question must be clarified, which corporate goals are being pursued with the online presence. For example, brand awareness should be increased or customer loyalty optimized. Furthermore, the target group must be clearly defined and assigned to the various social media channels. In order to successfully locate yourself on the social web, in addition to detailed analyzes, a competitor analysis should also take place in order to know which platforms are used by them and how and with which added value they are used. The business goals or the most successful interactions can be identified. This allows, for example, opportunities in niches to be vividly recognized.

Finding out by which one is one of the priorities Unique content Your company can differentiate itself from its competitors in its marketing strategy. This should be defined in the form of storylines in the editorial plan and continuously developed. In addition to the content considerations, clear responsibilities for the various channels should also be set in the editorial plan at this point.

The path of companies that dare to step into the social web without a strategy is mapped out: It is characterized by wasted resources, frustration and unused social media presences, unsuitable hashtags in data nirvana - a superficially conceivable bad sign for the social community. But not only that: If there is no continuous communication, it is also a bad sign to Google and Co. Some influencing factors on search engine rankings are already social signals, i.e. likes, shares or mentions from users. The influence of social media will become even stronger in the medium term. For companies this means: Those who pursue no or bad strategies in social media will go downhill on Google, Bing or Yahoo. This can lead to your competitors achieving greater success than you.

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Our Social Media P.O.E.M. (Paid, Owned, Earned Media) strategies support companies on the way from the classic to the digital business model. As experienced consultants, we can define the best direction for your company from a bird's eye view.

We work with you to develop an individual basis, which is yours Processes, metrics, resources, Target groups,Security aspects and includes existing design tools. This is how we take you from strategy to successful commercialization of your social media activities as quickly as possible.