Is Pakistan a good country for backpackers?

Where is backpacking cheapest?

If you don't have a lot of money on the high edge and still want to travel, at some point you will definitely ask yourself where Backpacking the cheapest is.

We definitely asked ourselves that and we did answer found.

Sowhere is backpacking cheapest? Nepal is currently the cheapest country to backpack safely. The daily costs including overnight stay in the hostel are around 10 euros per day. € 1 is equivalent to NPR 122.98 (Nepalese rupee - as of July 2019). A full meal costs NPR 250, and a night in a hostel costs NPR 550. The best time to travel is October through December.

My answer refers quite deliberately to the cheapest and also the safest country. What good is it if it's cheap but you end up in an Iranian prison for taking an unauthorized photo.

Right, not that much. Who still wants to know where he is Even cheaper can be on the way, shouldn't miss the next part. It gets really dangerous here. No problem if you are 1.93 m tall and a karate master. Single women might want to consider visiting the following countries (alone).

Tip: I have further down for you more cheap and safe Backpacking destinations listed.

It can be even cheaper!

Cheap and dangerous? It is easy. Those who do not mind civil war, Sharia law and the lack of a health system can easily travel to the following three countries for less than 10 € / day. Whether this is recommendable depends on your sense of adventure.


Admit one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The country is also becoming safer and safer. Nevertheless one should not forget that one can still be punished for offenses here according to the Sharia law. Those who still dare should consider the following points.

  • As a woman, you should always dress conservatively (including a headscarf).
  • Islamic criminal law was reintroduced in Iran on February 1, 1979.
  • State power tends to behave unpredictably

If you want to read more about this (before you set off), you can read the article by the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) here.

Those who are brave can easily travel to this country comfortably for around 8 € a day.


Also one of the most beautiful countries ever. Unfortunately also corrupt and embroiled in a solid civil war up to the neck.
At the moment you get 7,929 VES (Venezuelan Bolívar) for 1 €

This can be used for € 2 per night in a 5-star hotel stay overnight or party all night with 5 €.
You just need a little luck not to be robbed or shot.
If you are particularly brave, you can backpack here at an affordable price. 3 € are enough to spend a day in Venezuela.

Before traveling, you should exchange cash for US dollars. So you can always pay in the country. Unfortunately, this is not possible with euros.

Do you dare the adventure Contact us and we will publish an article about your trip!


Pakistan is definitely not the first cheap destination when planning a backpacking trip. But: backpacking Pakistan is just a fantastic experience!

The mountains of Pakistan are the most beautiful in the world and the hospitality you will experience here is really something very special. Personally, I have traveled through Pakistan with no problems.

Although the situation in Pakistan has eased a bit, there is still a partial travel warning for this country.
Polio cases have also increased in recent months. The vaccinations should be up to date.

With a little daring adventure, you can actually have a good time in Pakistan

Almost as cheap as Nepal and safe

As promised, here are other cheap backpacking destinations where you don't have to worry for your life, money or health.
No matter what you read here or elsewhere on the Internet ... Please always take a look at the current travel warnings from the Federal Foreign Office. They try a lot to find out where in the world things are going right now.


We have already created a whole article and a huge packing list about Thailand.

In summary one can say: simply breathtaking! Those who do not travel to this country are definitely missing out on something.

Here is a great impression of what there is to experience in Thailand.

Traveling in Thailand is very easy thanks to the good bus and train connections. There are paradisiacal islands to be discovered in the south, the pulsating metropolis of Bangkok to be conquered in the center and the green mountains to be climbed in the north. Due to the initial mass tourism in the south, it is a bit expensive there.

Conclusion:Insanely friendly people, super cheap prices for backpackers and a really breathtaking nature.

How much does a day in Thailand cost? Those who stay away from mass tourism in the south can explore Thailand for € 15 per day.

Check out our report here: How much does a day in Thailand cost?

There is also a packing list for Thailand to download as a PDF: Packing list Thailand PDF